Outrageous Starfield bug drags an entire city into space

Starfield BugsBethesda

Starfield might be the least buggy Bethesda title at launch but that doesn’t mean the ones that are there aren’t impressive. On Starfield player has shown how their ship pulled a city into the void.

Starfield players are no strangers to bugs. Some are hilarious like asteroids becoming pets, others are frustrating like weapons not doing the one thing you want them to.

Some Starfield bugs aren’t even bugs at all, the loot is just so detailed players mistake it as such. This one definitely is though and it’s probably the most bizarre bug we’ve seen in the game.

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We’ve already seen buildings in space thanks to Starfield’s shipbuilder, now we have cities. Reddit user u/Punidue posted a screenshot to the Starfield Subreddit of a bug that pulled the city of New Atlantis into orbit after they lifted off.

The bug is apparently a known problem to players on the Subreddit and appears to be an issue in which the city attaches itself to a player’s ship. In some cases, it even interferes with the city of New Atlantis planetside as well.

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“I’ve heard reloading a previous save still won’t fix actual New Atlantis from being bugged. Travel to New Atlantis and see if anything looks f**ky,” one user suggested. “It does not. My save is completely f**ked,” another responded.

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While the post had some players recounting their own experiences with bugs in Starfield, others focused on trying to help fix u/Punidue’s big issue. Fortunately, another player who had experienced the issue had a fix, albeit a lengthy one.

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“I had New Atlantis following my skinless ship through space. Got it resolved by swapping and modding a ship,” u/Kirgen explained. “However, parts of New Atlantis were just gone. Had to rush my 97-hour save to NG+ at that point. NG+ reset everything back to working.”

Scary Starfield MobBethesda
This is still the worst Starfield bug we’ve seen.

A grind to Starfield’s New Game+ may not be the easiest solution to the inaccessibility of one of its major cities but it has been confirmed by multiple users to fix the issue. Hopefully, this will help anyone who has one of Starfield’s cities decide to tag along with them.

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