Starfield devs finally lock in next major update after weeks of silence

Starfield UpdateBethesda

Space travelers rejoice! Bethesda has announced a major update for Starfield is coming soon after a period of relative quiet.

Starfield developer Bethesda promised regularly scheduled updates following its launch but recently, fans have felt a bit short-changed

Patch 1.7.33 brought few changes to Starfield and fans expressed some discontent after the following patch was even smaller.

Fortunately, Starfield players will soon have something to be excited about. Bethesda has broken its recent silence and announced an incoming update via Twitter.

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Bethesda announced its team has been “hard at work” on these new updates and will be running a Steam Beta for their latest version of Starfield next week. While little is known about the content of the patch as yet, one heavily requested feature has been confirmed.

“This update will feature Nvidia DLSS support with frame generation, display, and HDR controls for supported systems, and other optimizations and improvements,” Bethesda explained. They also clarified that AMD FSR3 support would be added “in a future update”.

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PC players in the thread expressed excitement for the addition of DLSS support but most fans of Starfield were more drawn to the “other optimizations and improvements” that Bethesda teased.

“Hopefully, they have story-blocking bugfixes incoming. My save is so bugged,” one player said. Others expressed hope that a persistent bug where asteroids follow your ship would be addressed in the update.

Starfield characters with gunsBethesda
Hopefully, this new update will remove a lot of barriers to certain quest’s completion.

Bethesda has communicated that PC players can opt-in to this update ahead of schedule via Steam Beta options and provide feedback on the experience. It will launch properly on PC and Xbox consoles shortly afterward.

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No specifics on the update’s major inclusions have been revealed as of yet. Once more information is available, we’ll be sure to relay it.

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