Starfield fans are crying out for spaceship cats as concept art resurfaces

Patrick Dane
a man, child and cat walk through a spaceship in Starfield concept art

Starfield fans are hoping that pets like cats and dogs will be in the game thanks to old concept art that has resurfaced. 

Starfield was fully unveiled a couple of weeks ago during Xbox’s Summer Showcase. We got a 45-minute look at the game during the presentation, and there were a lot of promises and depth shown off. 

Everything from planet-hopping, wildlife, combat, romance, character decisions, and enemies were covered. The universe of Starfield is enormous, at least from what we’ve seen. So much so, some fans are left asking, what aren’t we getting in the game, rather than what we are. 

That’s where one potential aspect comes in for some players. If the game has immense wildlife diversity for each given planet, does that mean we can have our own pets and companions? 

According to some resurfaced concept artwork from the game, some fans think we will. 

Will there be cats and dogs in Starfield?

In a rising Reddit thread, user Nevets99 has resurfaced concept art from the first episode of Into the Starfield. In that video, at 5:40, the concept art of a man and child are seen in a clean-looking spaceship setting. However, the focus of the thread is on a cat in the image too. 

This has led to speculation that Starfield will include pets like cats and dogs. While nothing has been confirmed, it seems like something many players would be happy to see in-game. ‘Can you pet the dog (or cat)?’ has become an ever-important question in most games. It’s only natural people would be curious about having their own pet in space.

“If I can have a cat in my ship I’ll be happy as can be,” said one user. Another said, “I’m dying for a space dog who will be named space dog.”

Interestingly, the concept art also shows a child. This brings up questions of if you will be able to have children in the game. It’s unclear what the context of this concept art is. It could be merely building the Starfield universe, and not involve the player character, or it could be showing off a memory.

Still, it sure would be nice to have a cat laying on your space dashboard as you explore the galaxy.

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