Starfield animated shorts spark speculation about in-game mechs

Brianna Reeves
Starfield mechs

Microsoft and Bethesda’s release of three Starfield animated shorts has inspired fan speculation about in-game mechs.

On July 25, Microsoft and Bethesda surprised Starfield fans by unleashing three animated shorts, each one offering a sneak peek at three of Settled Systems’ major city centers.

The first short in this animated anthology, “Supra Et Ultra,” follows the adventures of courier pilot Kent in New Atlantis. “Where the Hope is Built” takes place in Akila City, where an orphan named Vanna encounters “some unexpected danger” while tracking down repair parts.

Finally, the anthology’s third entry, “The Hand That Feeds,” presents the city of Neon to viewers through the lens of two street rats, Ada and Harper.

These compelling tales help set the stage for the space-faring adventure that lies ahead of players. But some seem especially intrigued by the mechs that were shown.

Starfield mechs
“Where Hope is Built”

Starfield fans think animated shorts may hint at mechs

Early in “Where the Hope is Built,” Vanna appears to recall the death of her parents in years past. Apparently, they were mech pilots killed during the Colony Wars.

The game’s subreddit has since become abuzz with speculation about the potential inclusion of mechs in-game. While Bethesda previously confirmed that Starfield won’t feature ground vehicles, some fans hope mech-based DLC is in the realm of possibility.

“That sounds like perfect DLC material tbh,” one user wrote in response to a “Mechs confirmed?” Reddit post. And since Game Director Todd Howard has already confirmed plans to produce “a lot of add-on content,” the thought doesn’t seem too farfetched.

Still, others noted that dilapidated versions of these mechs have been seen previously, prompting one person to evoke Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC. “The decaying hulks of Horus Titans littered the map in Horizon Zero Dawn, we didn’t fight them in that game. Not until the Burning Shores DLC in the sequel.”

In a different Reddit thread, one fan speculated that Bethesda’s repeated use of mech imagery must mean something beyond world-building. “They clearly have an interest in mechs, as we’ve seen now in the gameplay a ruined mech factory… with the latest animations, we know mechs were previously used during the Colony War.”

The user went on to say that Fallout 4/Automatron-style DLC could eventually introduce a questline about a “new faction of engineers salvaging and restoring these decommissioned mechs.”

These mech-related theories will likely keep fans talking until Starfield itself sheds more light on the giant machines. Fortunately, the wait for answers is drawing to a close. Starfield hits PC and Xbox Series X|S on September 19.

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