Meet the (RED) Creator Cup players: Who they are & their purpose


The (RED) Creator Cup will give fans the chance to watch their favorite streamers, and help save lives at the same time. The creators involved in the event’s Minecraft tournament will have a big part to play in the process. 

On December 1, leading creators from around the world will work in teams to build in a special (RED) Minecraft world. Fans will have the chance to trigger real-time in-game events simply by donating. 

Let’s take a look at how it works, who’s involved, and how you can tune in for yourself.

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How the (RED) Creator Cup works

Red creator cup

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Minecraft server. Players will start in a custom Minecraft world and will each be given an empty plot to build their village house on, but roughly every 20 minutes, one of two special events will occur to shake things up.

World Expansions will increase the playable area and grant access to special landmarks that hold valuable treasure. Additionally, Monster Raids will spawn hordes to attack the village core.

Viewers can get in on the action as well with donations. Different donations will have different in-game effects, listed down below:

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  • $5 donation — spawn a particle heart
  • $10 donation — in-game food delivery
  • $20 donation —  spawn a firework
  • $50 donation — give streamers a Lucky Block loot drop,
  • $100 donation — tamed Pet Wolf introduced
  • $250 donation — Creeper spawned from the sky on each player in the team

And be sure to check out Just Eat’s Extra Slice moments, for all the in-game food delivery fun throughout the tournament! Just Eat will also have some other surprises during the show!

Meet the (RED) Creators Cup players

Dev1ce leaves astralis joins NiPESL
Legendary CSGO pro Dev1ce will be taking part in the Creator Cup.

The (RED) Creators Cup will start on December 1, and feature many of the most exciting creators online including:

  • Dev1ce
  • Krinios
  • Loony
  • Legundo
  • Yuuk
  • Dyjair “Mity” Soares
  • Miaxmon
  • WillNe
  • Funneh
  • Gold
  • Draco
  • Lunar
  • Th0masHD
  • Nihachu

There will be plenty of other streamers filling out the teams as well, so be sure to tune in to see if your favorite is taking part.

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What’s the (RED) Creator Cup all about?

All donations made during the Creator Cup will go to fight Covid, making vaccines and treatment available for everyone who needs it.

The tournament is a collaboration between (RED), Dexerto and Unsigned, and has been made possible by Merck. 

You can watch the (RED) Creator Cup for yourself, and even participate too, when it goes live on Twitch and on YouTube at 2 PM ET on December 1.

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