Teacher’s insane Smash Ultimate school Christmas party goes viral on TikTok

Andrew Amos
Ness in Smash Ultimate
Nintendo / TikTok: misguided.teacher

An elementary school teacher is certainly winning the hearts of his students over at Christmas, putting on an epic Smash Ultimate party to celebrate the end of the year. His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, with the video of the setup going viral.

The end-of-year Christmas parties in school could always be a bit hit or miss. Some teachers would let you watch movies all day, while others would still force you to do the work.

However, this teacher is taking it to the next level and trumping everyone. Known as ‘misguided.teacher’ on TikTok, he has put in a ton of effort to make the best Christmas party ever with a little bit of Smash Ultimate fun.

The fourth grade teacher spared no expense to make it the best possible experience for his young students. He transformed the classroom into an all-out arena, giving students the ultimate goal of beating him 1v4.

He also put on a separate tournament, splitting students up into pairs with prizes ⁠— obviously presents ⁠— on the line.

While they struggled at first ⁠— expected given it was their first time playing Smash ⁠— the apprentices were soon matching up to the master. There was an obvious numbers advantage, but it was plenty of fun for all involved.

Misguided Teacher’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. The video is ticking over on TikTok, creeping up towards 50,000 views, and it’s flying on the /r/SmashBros subreddit as well. A lot of the responses are seemingly players wishing they had this in school!

It’s not the only thing Misguided Teacher has done for his fourth grade students either. He put on a workshop on how to create an anime, teaching kids how to write stories and create characters. He also did a Pokemon workshop, and many more fun experiments!

These amazing ideas have garnered him a huge following of almost 500,000 on TikTok, and if he keeps putting on great parties like this, even the parents might start gatecrashing.