Smash Ultimate fans furious with Steve Amiibo delay as fighter’s popularity grows

Michael Gwilliam
Minecraft steve amiibo for smash ultimate

Fans of Super Smash Bros Ultimate are not pleased with Nintendo’s plans to delay the Minecraft Steve and Alex Amiibos just as the DLC fighter is beginning to dominate the meta.

Steve from Minecraft was revealed as a Smash Ultimate fighter way back in October of 2020 and since then the fighter has been growing in popularity and placing better at tournaments.

The Minecraft fighter’s unique playstyle of “mining” to collect materials to spawn better attacks and weapons has taken some time for players to master, but it seems like it’s paying dividends after the results of Glitch Infinite.

Notably, Apple esports’ Jake managed to place third at the Major, better than household names such as Glutonny and Light, but sadly, despite Steve’s newfound hype and prominence, his Amiibo will have to wait.

Nintendo delays Steve and Alex Smash Ultimate Amiibo

On February 21, Nintendo announced that Min Min’s Amiibo would be released on April 29, but Steve and Alex won’t be launching in Spring like originally planned.

“Due to a logistics and production delay, unfortunately, the release timing has been delayed to later in 2022,” Nintendo revealed.

It’s not clear if the delay will also impact other planned Amiibo such as Sephiroth, Pyra & Mythra and Kazuya. Interestingly, however, Kingdom Hearts’ Sora has yet to have an Amiibo announced.

Fans are a bit confused about the delay. “He’s made of cubes how is he the hard Amiibo to make?” one wondered.

“I mean, good on them for realizing ahead of time that they’d need to manufacture significantly more Steve Amiibo and delayed them to avoid scalping,” one player theorized.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how Steve’s place in the Smash meta changes before fans can finally get their hands on the Amiibo merchandise.

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