Smash pro panics to find deodorant at tournament after opponent says he ‘smells’

Michael Gwilliam
cosmos playing smash ultimate tournament

Super Smash Bros Ultimate pro Brian ‘Cosmos’ Kalu was left running to the bathroom at a tournament after his opponent warned that he smelled bad.

Hygiene is an integral part of attending any sort of tournament or convention, but for one Smash pro, his “worst nightmare” was realized after being informed he didn’t exactly smell too good.

Numerous Smash pros geared up to attend Patchwork in Raleigh this past weekend with the likes of MuteAce, MVD, Peabnut, Andrik, and ShinyMark competing for the crown heading into GOML.

During losers top 48, Cosmos found himself in a tight five-game set against Duck Hunt player Fawn and despite clutching it out, the 26 RISING star was mortified after receiving some bad news from his opponent.

Smash Ultimate pro takes “mini shower” as opponent complains about his smell

Following the match, Fawn took to Twitter to voice his frustration, joking that he had a nicer scent than Cosmos.

“Lost game 5 to Cosmos but at least I know the shower and deodorant MU,” he joked, calling hygiene a ‘match-up.’

Shortly thereafter, Cosmos replied, revealing that the tweet made him ask around for a stick of deodorant and then go to the bathroom for a “mini shower.”

“I mean this is definitely something I would be self-conscious about, especially if no one told me, no one ever wants to be that guy,” he added. “I was sweating after I got reverse 3-0’d by lucky, but this has always been my worst nightmare.”

Amazingly, Fawn actually claimed that he had another stick for him, but reiterated that he didn’t mean to be malicious with his tweet while also trying not to come across as a sore loser.

“That’s why I didn’t wanna fist bump cause damn bro,” he said before adding, “I don’t think the loser approaching the person who just beat them telling them they stink is good.”

Unfortunately for Cosmos, he wouldn’t make top 8, instead losing to eventual tournament winner MuteAce, but he did pick up a couple of wins after taking his “mini shower.” Deodorant buff confirmed? Who knows.