Japanese Smash Ultimate ad hints DLC fighter 7 will be released soon

Michael Gwilliam
Super Smash Bros Ultimate challenger pack 7

A new Japanese 7-Eleven advertisement may indicate that Super Smash Bros Ultimate will have a new DLC fighter very soon.

On September 20, users on Twitter began spreading a screenshot of a new advertisement from 7-Eleven for Smash Ultimate DLC. This is a big deal, because as history has shown, these ads are normally followed by a DLC announcement.

This ad in question features the previous fighter MinMin and the yet-to-be-revealed remaining cast of Fighters Pass Volume 2 and will be up until October 4.

Translator Push Dustin noted on Twitter, in the past, 7-Eleven Smash Ultimate ads have led to the release of DLC fighters. With Banjo and Hero, the ads came out a week before they were available. With Joker, the ad came out 10 days before he was released.

Smash Ultimate DLC ad
A 7-Eleven ad for Smash Ultimate DLC.

Another thing to keep in mind is the new Smash Ultimate tournament mode scheduled for September 26. This a big deal, as this is the first time this mode has been available in North America with it previously being a Japan-exclusive.

Because DLC releases are normally accompanied by a patch, it’s unlikely that Nintendo would drop a big balance update before a sizable tournament, especially considering the possibility of bugs.

With a week from September 20 being September 27, it’s possible that this could be when the next DLC fighter is revealed followed by a full release later on in the week.

This timeframe also lines up with Amiibo Theory. As Dexerto has previously reported, users have discovered a trend where Amiibo waves are often accompanied by a new fighter. Given the past results, it’s likely that the new DLC will launch any time until October 12.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the reveal of Smash Ultimate’s Challenger Pack 7 and now it’s looking more likely than ever that news is on the way soon. We’ll just have to see what exactly the future holds and who that character ends up being.

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