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Smash Ultimate Amiibo theory suggests new DLC fighter could be imminent

Published: 1/Sep/2020 19:26

by Michael Gwilliam


Fans of Super Smash Bros Ultimate anxiously awaiting the reveal of the next DLC fighter may not have much to for much longer, if a new theory about Amiibo releases is anything to go off of.

Smash Ultimate has had its fair share of Amiibo runs, resulting in the colorful cast becoming physical collector’s items. One eagle-eyed fan discovered that with the release of Amiibo waves, a trend emerges relating to fighter announcements.

APC_Cipher showcased his findings on Twitter about how Amiibo releases correlate to fighter DLC drops: “This isn’t about WHO will be next, it’s about WHEN, and it has never been wrong.”

What is Amiibo Theory?

According to “Amiibo Theory,” whenever a new wave of Amiibo is released, a DLC fighter comes out roughly two to three weeks before or after.

For example, when the free Pirahna Plant DLC dropped, the second set of Amiibo hit shelves eleven days later.

The third wave came out five days before Persona’s Joker was playable, followed by wave four releasing eleven days before Hero. Then, 16 days after Banjo was available for download, the fifth set was dropped.

Amiibo Theory for Smash Ultimate
Amiibo Waves normally drop around the same time as DLC fighters.

Terry Bogard is a weird one but still fits. In Japan, Amiibo Wave Six was out two days after his release while they came out nine days after for Europe and North America.

For Byleth, the seventh Amiibo Wave dropped 11 days before her release. Min Min is the only DLC fighter with an exception to this rule as she didn’t have any Amiibo drops alongside her release.

Amiibo Theory suggests a DLC figher coming soon
DLC Fighter 7 could be coming in early September.

A new DLC fighter reveal could be very soon

This all matters now, however, as the eighth Amiibo Wave consisting of Joker and Hero is scheduled to release on September 25 in Japan and October 2 in North America.

Cipher estimates that this could mean the next DLC fighter will be coming out as early as September 7 or October 12: “Now, obviously, this is a theory and is obviously not gospel. However, I feel like having everything line up so well gives it some credence and it’s worth keeping in mind. Obviously release dates can be changed, but I think they are purposely trying to keep these dates close.”

This sign does look very consistent with previous ones and with there being many clues out there suggesting a Nintendo Direct will be coming shortly, that could be when the next character of Fighters Pass Volume 2 is revealed.

There are still five fighters to come as part of Fighters Pass Volume 2 and it’s anyone’s guess who they will be. Many signs have pointed to Devil May Cry’s Dante, a Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot, and even Doomguy.

Hopefully, we won’t have that much longer to wait, especially if this new Smash theory proves to be true.


Smash Ultimate formula predicts likelihood of most-requested DLC fighters

Published: 27/Oct/2020 20:17 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 21:39

by Michael Gwilliam


With only four spots remaining in Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Fighters Pass Volume 2, there’s no shortage of potential candidates. However, some characters may have a better chance of being possible additions than others, according to a math formula.

YouTube channel ‘Backseat’ came up with a formula to see whether or not certain characters have a good chance at making the cut.

By looking at the current roster and extracting certain elements – like whether a character originated in the East or West, their era, genre and more – they were able to create a chart that can be applied to potential fighters.

It should be noted that this only works when assuming the next roster picks continue the trends Nintendo has already established.

Smash Ultimate DLC criteria
There’s a lot of data that goes into determining “Smash Math.”

The twenty-five characters in question that Backseat went over were determined by a poll by Source Gaming, which featured literally thousands of candidates.

Going over some big names on the list, one very popular character is Team Fortress 2’s Heavy, which topped several other polls. However, he fails several categories that Backseat believes are imperative to have a good chance at being future DLC.

Meanwhile, Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa, who has been rumored for a long time, is “math certified” to join the roster thanks to his origin and era.

Another popular candidate, Waluigi, received a “caution,” not completely ruling the Mario character out. The main issue with him, according to Backseat, is the era he comes from.

Perhaps the biggest Western character, Halo’s Master Chief, was the least mathematically likely out of the top ten characters in the poll due to his origin, genre and era.

Devil May Cry’s Dante and Kingdom Hearts’ Sora, two Japanese candidates, were both given a caution due to their era of origin.

Master Chief behind bars
Master Chief may not be finishing the fight.

Moving onto the third most-requested in the form of Doomguy, he too was ruled out due to his origin and genre.

Luckily, for supporters of Super Mario RPG’s Geno, Backseat found him to be math certified as well, which should really get the puppet’s fanboys very excited.

Finally, Crash Bandicoot was given a caution only because of the sizable amounts of Western fighters already in the game. Though, with the character rumored to join the cast in 2021, it’s still possible that we end up seeing him in the future.

Geno certified for Smash Ultimate
Geno meets the criteria to be in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Of course, just because the video ruled out claimed some characters have a better chance than others, doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing they’ll be in Smash.

It will be interesting to see how many of the predictions end up coming true as more fighters are released.