Nintendo responds to fan asking for Rayman to join Smash Ultimate

Rayman in Smash UltimateNintendo/Ubisoft

A Super Smash Bros Ultimate fan from New Zealand actually got a response from Nintendo about getting Rayman added as a DLC fighter by sending an actual letter to the company’s American headquarters.

It’s rare to see Nintendo ever interact with fans on social media, especially when those fans request fighters for Smash Bros. However, it turns out the trick to getting your voice heard may come down to ditching twitter and sliding into Nintendo’s DMs the old-fashioned way.

All the way back in December, 2020, Twitter user CallMeKorora posted photos of the physical letter she was sending to Nintendo.

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Basically, the letter went into detail about why Ubisoft’s character Rayman should be added to the star-studded fighting game.

She made some good points too, about how Rayman could work as a fighter and how the fans of his games are “extremely passionate.”

A few months later, much to her surprise, Nintendo actually responded with a letter of their own and addressed her suggestion.

“In your letter, you mentioned that you would like to see Rayman added into Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We have some of the most devoted, enthusiastic fans of any game developer,” Nintendo said. “I’m more than happy to send your suggestion for the game to other departments here at Nintendo so they too can see your suggestion!”

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The reply went on to state how the letter motivates the company to continue releasing high-quality games and producing better products. They also sent CallMeKorora a couple of Nintendo-themed bookmarks featuring Samus and Peach.

Unfortunately, the letter didn’t really elaborate on seeing Rayman included in Smash Ultimate. With only two DLC slots in Fighters Pass Volume 2, it’s unclear if the Ubisoft hero evolve from a Spirit to a full character.

That said, Ubisoft themselves seem to want Rayman added to the game. Back in 2020, after Byleth ended the first Fighters Pass, they used their Ubisoft Club app to slightly hint at the character’s possible inclusion in the second.

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Of course, even if Rayman doesn’t make it into Ultimate, there’s always a chance he makes the cut whenever the next Smash game is released. We will just have to see what the future holds and if CallMeKorora can get her wish.