Hungrybox unveils best Smash Ultimate fighters in 9.0.1 tier list

Michael Gwilliam
Pikachu in Smash tier list

Super Smash Bros Melee God Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma has been playing a lot of Ultimate and has revealed his picks for the game’s top fighters as of patch 9.0.1.

In the video, the Jigglypuff main goes over his choices for the sixteen top fighters in Smash Ultimate and there may be a couple of additions that really stand out for competitive players.

Firstly, Mario kicks off the list as being one of the top characters thanks to his assortment of good combos, FLUDD, and Dark Wizzy’s mastery of the Nintendo mascot that pushes the plumber into high tier.

Next, Hungrybox lists Peach and Daisy, who he claims are “on the cusp of being ultra broken.” According to Hbox, this is because of what the two are capable of at any percent for racking up damage and the technical proficiency they have.

Mario in Smash Ultimate
Mario makes Hbox’s elite rankings.

In the fourteenth spot, it’s ROB. “Consider his frame data, consider his NAIR, his down tilt, his lazer which can aimed, his incredible good recovery… it’s crazy. He’s a ridiculously good character,” Debiedma explained.

Moving forward a bit, Hbox explained why while Wolf is still a top-tier, he’s not the best fighter in the game anymore. With a bunch of kill options, FAIR and up-tilt, he’s an incredibly efficient character that Hbox believes has a very low learning curb.

A bit later, Hbox has Wario as a high-tier and focused on Glutonny’s results in Europe as proof for the fighter’s placement. “He has absurd kill confirms while keeping it safe,” the Team Liquid star said. “Really good recovery with the bike, safe aerials, safe on platforms. Waft is the best X-factor in the game.”

Perhaps the most interesting choice comes in the form of Shulk. Thanks to the Monado, Shulk has plenty of options with him being able to jump the highest, run the fastest or even attack the strongest.

As for the best fighter in Ultimate, for Hungrybox, it’s Pikachu. “Very strange that the character who was the best by far in Smash 64 returns to his role in Ultimate,” he said. “Pikachu just has everything,” he stated before listing all of the Pokemon’s tools with drag downs, forward airs, and his amazing recovery.

Hungrybox's Smash Ultimate tier list
Pikachu tops the tier list.

Only time will tell if the list ends up changing as the meta develops and a new patch is released, but for the time being, Hbox seems very confident in his picks.

If you’re thinking of choosing a new main, you may want to consider one listed here.

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