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How to kill Snake at 0% with clever Smash Ultimate trick

Published: 30/Jan/2020 17:54

by Michael Gwilliam


Snake can be one of the most obnoxious fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due to his incredibly powerful projectiles, dangerous up-tilt and strong recovery. Luckily, there may just be an unlikely counterpick if you ever find yourself in a tough matchup.

As shown off by one of the world’s top Kirby players Ferretkuma at EVO Japan, the pink ball of death has the ability to kill Snake at 0%. That is if certain conditions are met, of course.

Tied at one stock each, Ferretkuma noticed his Snake foe, Kisha, had pulled a hand grenade out for future use and dropped it. In Smash Ultimate, grenades detonate 2.5 seconds after their pins are pulled.

Don’t underestimate Kirby.

Once the Kirby player noticed his opponent had grabbed the grenade, he latched onto Snake and performed an up-throw, which sent him and his enemy up towards the skybox.

The timing could not have been more perfect, because the grenade exploded when the two were in the upper blast zone. The self-damage from the grenade had enough of a knockback effect on Snake to result in a kill.

Needless to say, Ferretkuma played his opponent like a fiddle.

Even the casters, like Victoria ‘VikkiKitty’ Perez, could hardly believe what they just witnessed: “No way! That actually happened?!”

“I have never seen that!” she gasped “Did he? That was calculated. That was absolutely calculated. He saw the grenade in his hand.”

In theory, the trick could also work with Meta Knight and Pokemon Trainer’s Charizard, because they have similar up throws that when timed correctly will result in early kills onto Snake.

This trick can make Snake feel the phantom pain.

Of course, this should be a piece of advice for any aspiring Snake player too. Grenades are dangerous. Yes, you have a lot of them, and explosions are cool, but they also do damage to you and that can result in certain death.

It’s certainly a move to watch out for both Snake players and Kirby mains alike.


Fortnite director reportedly hints at Smash Ultimate DLC fighter crossover

Published: 29/Oct/2020 4:36

by Brad Norton


Hot on the heels of Minecraft’s huge arrival in Smash Ultimate, could Fortnite be next in line? Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard has reportedly hinted at that being the case.

Smash Bros. collaborations have long-been one of the most exciting aspects of Nintendo’s popular fighting game. Teasers are always the talk of the town as developers hint at what major addition could be on the horizon in a nearby update.

While the Smash community is still getting comfortable with Minecraft’s Steve joining the fight, it could already be time to look towards the next character.

A recent Zoom call between Geoff Keighley, Donald Mustard, and select fans was kept under wraps at the time. Whatever fans asked, whatever topics came up, it wasn’t for the general public in the moment.

However, as with most things in the gaming industry, certain details have reportedly leaked online days after the fact. Among the topics discussed was a Fortnite crossover in Smash: here’s what the Creative Director had to say.

Throughout this Zoom call, “a few hints had been revealed about the future of Fortnite,” prominent leaker FireMonkey’ said on Oct. 28. The first major revelation is a Fortnite announcement is lined up for The Game Awards on Dec. 10.

This isn’t the first time Epic’s battle royale has made a splash at Keighley’s annual awards show. The Block was revealed back in 2018 and another big announcement could be lined up for the 2020 show. Perhaps it relates to an upcoming in-game event as the new Season draws near. Or maybe there’s a chance we see another Smash tie-in revealed rather soon.

2018’s Game Awards shocked the world with one of the biggest Smash crossover announcements yet. Persona 5’s Joker joined the fight and now Fortnite could be next for a similar reveal. 

When pressed on the subject, Donald Mustard didn’t shut down the possibility. He simply “stated he can’t comment about it,” according to the leaked intel. Funnily enough, last time a dev said “no comment,” their game ended up in Smash.

Obviously, there’s no telling how significant this kind of crossover might be. We’ve seen everything from entirely new fighters to simple Mii skins as well. Given the popularity of Fortnite, however, there’s every chance a crossover with Smash would make waves in the industry.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for any additional teasers. Keighley’s 2020 Game Awards kicks off on Thursday, December 10.