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How to kill Snake at 0% with clever Smash Ultimate trick

Published: 30/Jan/2020 17:54

by Michael Gwilliam


Snake can be one of the most obnoxious fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due to his incredibly powerful projectiles, dangerous up-tilt and strong recovery. Luckily, there may just be an unlikely counterpick if you ever find yourself in a tough matchup.

As shown off by one of the world’s top Kirby players Ferretkuma at EVO Japan, the pink ball of death has the ability to kill Snake at 0%. That is if certain conditions are met, of course.

Tied at one stock each, Ferretkuma noticed his Snake foe, Kisha, had pulled a hand grenade out for future use and dropped it. In Smash Ultimate, grenades detonate 2.5 seconds after their pins are pulled.

Don’t underestimate Kirby.

Once the Kirby player noticed his opponent had grabbed the grenade, he latched onto Snake and performed an up-throw, which sent him and his enemy up towards the skybox.

The timing could not have been more perfect, because the grenade exploded when the two were in the upper blast zone. The self-damage from the grenade had enough of a knockback effect on Snake to result in a kill.

Needless to say, Ferretkuma played his opponent like a fiddle.

Even the casters, like Victoria ‘VikkiKitty’ Perez, could hardly believe what they just witnessed: “No way! That actually happened?!”

“I have never seen that!” she gasped “Did he? That was calculated. That was absolutely calculated. He saw the grenade in his hand.”

In theory, the trick could also work with Meta Knight and Pokemon Trainer’s Charizard, because they have similar up throws that when timed correctly will result in early kills onto Snake.

This trick can make Snake feel the phantom pain.

Of course, this should be a piece of advice for any aspiring Snake player too. Grenades are dangerous. Yes, you have a lot of them, and explosions are cool, but they also do damage to you and that can result in certain death.

It’s certainly a move to watch out for both Snake players and Kirby mains alike.


How to get physical Smash Ultimate fighter invitations with My Nintendo

Published: 14/Jan/2021 20:29

by Michael Gwilliam


Smash Ultimate fans wanting to send an iconic invitation to a friend or family member can now get their chance as physical envelopes can now be shipped through My Nintendo.

A common motif in Smash is characters receiving an “invitation” with the game’s logo to indicate they had been chosen to join the star-studded fighting game.

This has been seen in many DLC fighter announcements such as Terry Bogard’s and Min Min’s trailers where multiple characters fight over the invitation with whoever receives it being added to the roster.

As such, the invitations have become an iconic piece of Smash and video game history, which is saying a lot considering they’re just pieces of paper.

Joker holds smash invitation
The Smash invitation has become a series icon.

Be that as it may, fans can now earn these invitations through My Nintendo for 400 Platinum Points. Each set contains three white, green and blue cards, envelopes and stickers with the Smash logo.

In order to get the invitations, you’ll have to follow these steps:

1) Sign in to your Nintendo Account.
2) Redeem your Platinum Points for the item you’d like to get. You will receive a promo code.
3) Select “Access Now” to visit
4) Select “Add to cart.”
5) Enter the code that you received in the pop-up.
6) Complete your transaction and your item will be shipped to you!

physical smash ultimate cards
The cards come in white, blue and green.

Keep in mind, however, that this is a limited-time item so be sure to grab it while you can. Interestingly, the reward code will expire on March 8, 2021.

The expiry is note-worthy as it could be yet another sign pointing towards the release of DLC fighter 9. As Dexerto has previously reported, there are plenty of indicators so far suggesting that the next character will be released in March.

The next wave of amiibo consisting of Byletyh, Terry and Banjo is scheduled for March and in the past, all amiibo releases have coincided with a DLC fighter reveal.

Fighters Pass Volume 2 spots
Who could the final three fighters be?

March is also when the Tales Of Festival will begin, and signs have pointed to a Tales of Symphonia representative potentially being the next DLC fighter, so this is just one other thing to keep in mind.

In any case, be sure to pick up your own Smash invitations so you can invite whoever you want to the game while you still can.