Sims 4 players furious as new glitch ruins games by making Sims age up quickly

Michael Gwilliam
sims 4 glitch

A new glitch has been ruining the Sims 4 for many players with their Sims aging much faster than they should be.

Across Twitter and forums, Sims 4 players have been documenting how this new glitch has been affecting them, with their characters aging with “long-lifespan” enabled.

According to players, this glitch is affecting Sims on and off lots. One player explained how they checked out a household for ten minutes before returning and finding that all of their Sims had aged up.

“Kids are teens and Young adults are almost elders. None of their birthdays were coming up. What can I do to fix this?” the concerned player wrote on Twitter.

Sims 4 incest glitch header image
This new glitch is ruining The Sims 4 for some players.

EA responds to Sims 4 aging glitch

On social media, Quality Designer SimGuruNick noted how the team was aware of the problem and is looking to fix it.

“We’re investigating this, thanks much for letting me know!” he commented to a fan.

Despite The Sims 4 receiving plenty of praise recently, the backlash has been loud. Especially as the issue has been affecting both PC and console players. Even this writer got an earful from his girlfriend after experiencing the aging glitch. Some have even asked how this bug even managed to sneak through, to begin with.

“How on Earth does something like this get through the testing stages?!” one asked.

Luckily, there may be some ways around the glitch. For one, it seems to only be affecting the long-life span option, so switching to normal or short could help. Of course, there could be other issues with the current build, so play at your own risk.

Hopefully, this glitch can be patched out in an emergency update, but until then, be mindful when loading up your games.