Hilarious Fallout 4 glitch replaces your ammo with exclamation points

Michelle Cornelia
Fallout 4 characters standing together with weapons

The recent Fallout 4 next-gen update didn’t only break mods, but also introduced this particular glitch that makes you look like you’re shooting huge exclamation points.

The Fallout 4 next-gen update has finally dropped, and while it introduced a bunch of new features and bug fixes, it’s not a secret that things haven’t been smooth since then. We’ve seen plenty of mods break, textures not loading correctly, and even the ultrawide support stretching the UI too far.

The list goes on for so long that there’s now a mod that lets you roll back the next-gen update. Amidst these problems, one player encountered a glitch in-game, leaving them to shoot huge exclamation points from their weapon instead of their usual ammo.

In a clip shared via a Reddit thread, the player was seen holding a Fat Man atop a building. But instead of seeing missiles launch from it, they were greeted by exclamation points that exploded upon impact.

Granted, despite none of the new guns loading correctly according to the player, they actually found this glitch to be “pretty fun.”

They explained, “Although I wish the other guns worked, I’m keeping this one as long as I can. I’ve already been in love with the Fat Man since I first picked one up and this just makes it 10 times better. Although finding the ammo is even more of a pain now…”

In the comments, other players claimed that they were also experiencing the same issue, even without any mods installed, making this appear to be a generally common issue instead of mod-related.

Nonetheless, while the game’s been experiencing bugs, some players couldn’t help but poke fun at this situation. “Imagine being a raider and you see ! in the air,” one person said.

Fallout games have been receiving a surge in players lately thanks to the TV show’s hype and success, and hopefully, Bethesda will be quick to address these issues to give old and new players a smooth experience as soon as possible.

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