LEGO Mario Cat Peach expansion kit gets $28 off as it hits clearance

Ash Singh

You can expand your LEGO Super Mario world with the Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set, now discounted at Best Buy.

Best Buy is currently offering a great deal on the LEGO Super Mario Expansion Set, with a 35% discount. This set is an excellent addition to any LEGO gaming collection, providing endless opportunities for creative building and imaginative play.

This kit features a brick-built tower and a variety of challenges to play around with. It has an included Cat Suit, you can dress up the LEGO Peach figure (not included) and use her unique abilities to climb the tower and collect digital coins. The set also includes three LEGO Super Mario characters: Cat Goomba, Kamek, and Toad.

If you want to get the Peach figure, you’ll need to grab the Peach starter kit, which Best Buy also has in stock.

There’s no dull moment with the set either. You’ll need to knock ice off the tower and topple the evil Kamek. After all that, you’ll need to free Toad from his ice prison.

The compatibility of this 494-bricks set with other Super Mario sets is another advantage, as it allows for endless customization. You can add this onto the other courses to expand the adventure.

The LEGO Super Mario Expansion Set is a great gift for any LEGO or Super Mario fan and Best Buy’s current 35% discount makes this set an even more attractive purchase. Whether you’re a seasoned LEGO collector or just starting your journey, this set is a great addition to your collection.

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