Largest LEGO sets ever created: Eiffel Tower, Star Destroyer & more

Marius Boonzaier
The LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower on display

We’ve rounded up the largest LEGO sets ever created. No, not by piece count, but by sheer size. Here’s what you can expect. 

Since LEGO started producing LEGO sets, comprising modular bricks as we know them today, nearly seven decades ago, LEGO has introduced an array of spectacular kits to its portfolio. In addition, LEGO has evolved to incorporate themes inspired by pop culture, art, architecture, flowers, vehicles, and many more. 

However, LEGO remains focused on providing LEGO builders of all ages with an immersive learning experience through play. The latter, of course, pertains to not only using your imagination to create your scenes when each of the set’s bricks has been clicked together but also the process of doing the latter — building it. 

Yet, LEGO has become much more. Some sets were designed to be displayed as decorative centerpieces for your home or office. The larger the completed build, the more awe-inspiring it arguably is. 

We’ve rounded up the largest LEGO sets ever created. No, not by piece count, but by the space the kit occupies. In no particular order, here are the largest LEGO kits. 

1. LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower — 10307

The LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower on display

Each of the LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower set’s 10001 bricks click together (in a fashion resembling the construction process of the original) to create the tallest LEGO set ever produced. The LEGO replica of this iconic landmark stands a whopping 58.5 inches tall and measures 22.5 inches in width and depth. 

2. LEGO Icons Titanic — 10294

An adult admiring their LEGO Icons Titanic set. It's the most expensive LEGO Icons kit.

Measuring 53 inches bow to stern, the LEGO Icons Titanic is the longest LEGO model ever created. In addition, when completed, the LEGO version of arguably the most famous cruise liner measures 17.5 inches tall. It’s not that wide, though, with the width of the brick-built ship measuring six inches in width. The set comprises 9090 pieces, making it, along with the LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower, one of the LEGO sets with the most bricks

3. LEGO Technic Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000 — 42146

The LEGO Technic Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000 on display

The LEGO Technic Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000 is one of the largest LEGO Technic models ever produced by LEGO. When completed this LEGO-recreated crane stands 39 inches tall, 43 inches long, and 11 inches wide. The kit contains 2883 pieces. 

4. LEGO Icons Loop Coaster — 10303

The LEGO Icons Loop Coaster on display

The LEGO Icons Loop Coaster is massive, with this LEGO-reimagined roller coaster standing 36 inches tall, 33.5 inches wide, and 13.5 inches deep. In addition, with this kit, you can immerse yourself in the thrills provided by this functional roller coaster. The set is made up of 3756 pieces. 

5. LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer — 75252

An adult admiring their LEGO-reimagined Imperial Star Destroyer

Although you’d have to clear up a large amount of shelf space to display the 5374-piece LEGO Star Wars Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser, there is another LEGO Star Wars ship that’s even larger. The latter comes in the shape of the already-retired LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

Measuring 43 inches nose to tail it matches the length of the former, yet pips it with a height and width of 17 inches and 26 inches, respectively. It doesn’t comprise as many bricks, though, with this discontinued LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector set featuring 590 pieces fewer. 

6. LEGO Art World Map — 31203

An adult hanging up their LEGO Art World Map

The LEGO Art World Map deserves a place on this list, with each of this set’s bricks clicking together to create a spectacular centerpiece measuring 41 inches wide and 26 inches in height. In addition, it also boasts the most bricks (11695) of any kit LEGO has ever produced. 

Unfortunately, the LEGO Art World Map set was one of the LEGO Art sets that retired in 2023. Fortunately, Amazon still has stock. It comes at a price, though. 

Each of these LEGO sets is sure to make for a marvelous centerpiece, whether displayed in your home or office. However, sheer size does not a centerpiece make. It should be detailed. Yet, each of these kits is and, as such, is worthy of centerpiece status. 

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