Dr Disrespect believes Sea of Thieves could be next big game, on one condition

. 3 years ago

Sea of Thieves‘ popularity on Twitch is surging by the day and Dr Disrespect has suggested that it could be the next big thing, if the developer continues to bring out new content for the game.

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The Doc has been part of a recent movement on the streaming platform, which has seen high profile names such as himself, Ninja, CouRage, TimTheTatMan and others dedicate more time to the Rare game. 

Now, judging by these comments, he could well be on the brink of making this a more regular thing for his audience to enjoy. 

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Just after battling off a crew with a random teammate on a sloop, fellow pirate OG Wolfe started to ask the popular streamer about his thoughts on the game so far. “How are you enjoying the game so far, Doc?” he asked. “It’s good. It’s good” Doc responded. 

After being pressed on whether or not he believed Sea of Thieves was going to be the next big game on Twitch, though, Doc seemed pretty torn.

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“I don’t think so. No, I think it will last for a couple more weeks and then, you know, they’ve got the arena coming out – whatever that means – so that will generate some additional hype and then if they keep adding content then I’d probably say yeah.” 

The Arena he was referring to is a new game mode which was announced back in November of last year and is expected in “early 2019” – so, that should be arriving sometime in the near future. 

It will bring together a number of crews in the same close space, forcing them to fight against each other to obtain the most treasure and “compete for glory.”

Check it out below:

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