Shroud explains why he’d kick xQc from OfflineTV Rust server

Twitch: shroud/ Twitch: xQcOW/ Facepunch Studos

The OfflineTV Rust server is heating up as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and his crew have begun killing multiple other streamers. Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has weighed in on xQc’s actions, revealing that if he was the server admin, he’d kick them all immediately.

Despite Rust being over seven years old, the game retains a large and dedicated fanbase. This has only been boosted by the multiple streamers playing the game and joining OTV’s Rust game sever.

Over 50 streamers have joined, and some of the biggest names on Twitch are among them, including Pokimane, xQc, shroud, and Myth. What started as a relatively peaceful sever, is now deteriorating into chaos as groups have begun killing each other.

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At the forefront of the violence are xQc and his team, who have been taking down multiple streamers on the server. Well, shroud is “low-key mad” with the way xQc is acting and has stated he would kick him from the server if he had the power.

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Rust is a survival game that released way back in 2013.

Shroud isn’t happy with xQc’s actions on the Rust server

If there’s one person that’s not surprised xQc is killing everyone on the Rust server, it’s shroud.

On his December 29 stream, he predicted that the OTV Rust server was on the brink of imploding and something bad was about to happen. He even mentioned the fact that xQc would be at the forefront of the violence and the reason the server would die.

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Well, his prediction appears to have been completely correct. “Oh my god, if I was the server admin, I’d kick them all like that… making me low-key mad.

“Trying to be considerate is not even in their vocabulary I guess, they don’t even know what considerate means, it sucks.” It’s obvious he’s frustrated at the situation as he predicted the downfall of the server just two days prior.

On top of this, it’s clearly affecting his desire to play rust and the OTV server: “That’s part of the reason I’m not playing, that s**t was not fun yesterday and it only seems to be getting worse.”

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For now, it’s difficult to determine what the future is for the OTV Rust server. There’s clearly a lot of frustration with certain members that could lead specific streamers to quit.

Hopefully, this can get resolved and we can continue to watch the great content that has been created from all these streamers playing together. If not, there are concerns that the lifespan of the server may be shorter than expected.