Rogue Company Secret Identity patch notes: player identity & more

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Rogue Company Secret Identity

Rogue Company’s latest patch finally brings some much-needed player profile customization features to the table. But that’s not all. It comes packed with gameplay tweaks and changes as well. Here’s everything you need to know.[jwplayer BlAHV3BT]

Rogue Company is one of the freshest games in the scene. The open beta was a success, and now that it has been officially released, the free-to-play third-person shooter is growing in popularity each day.

The developers have been working hard to keep up with the hopes and expectations of the game’s player base, and the latest patch finally adds something they’ve all wanted: player profile customization.

Here’s everything you need to know about Rogue Company’s Secret Identity update, starting with when it will hit live servers.

When is the Rogue Company Secret Identity update?

In preparation for the patch, Rogue Company’s servers will go offline today at 4:00 AM ET (08:00 UTC). It’s expected to be down for at least ten hours, the patch will most likely be ready to go at 3:00 PM ET (19:00 UTC).

Player Identity

Players can now customize their profiles by using a bunch of different tools and options. People like to main different characters, and everyone has a different playstyle. So naturally, it makes sense to include a feature that gives them more control over their in-game identity.

In addition to avatars, players will also be able to select a banner and border – much like the system used in Call of Duty titles. The possibilities are endless, and there’s plenty of room for creativity and style.

Rogue Company Secret Identity

Mastery Rewards

The patch will also introduce a new rogue mastery rewards system, in which players can receive special avatars, banners, and borders after reaching certain levels with a specific hero. 

Closed Beta Spray

Beyond that, players who took part in the closed beta will receive a unique spray as a thank you gift from the developers. The spray hilariously recreates the infamous spider man meme we all know and love.

Rogue Company Secret Identity

Rogue Company – Gameplay Changes

Now for the nitty-gritty stuff. The patch will bring about some gameplay changes to perks, rogues, weapons, and more.


Sixth Sense has been completely removed from the game, which is something players will be happy about.

Evade now increases movement speed a little more and lasts three seconds longer, and Tracker Rounds reveals enemies for four seconds instead of three.

Some of the gadgets have been tweaked too.

C4s, Grenades, Grenade Base, and Semtex have been nerfed in terms of their radius. Meanwhile, the radius of Molotovs has been slightly increased.

Rogue Company Secret Identity


The patch also makes some balance changes to the Rogues themselves. Anvil is no longer immune to EMPs and Slows, which is great. Chaac’s self-heal duration has doubled and his self-revive will now restore him to 50 health.

What’s more, because Sixth Sense has been removed from the game, Ronin, Talon, and Vy will have Tracker Rounds instead, while Glitch will have headstrong. Ronin’s Ballistic Knife radius has also been slightly nerfed.

Rogue Company Secret Identity

Beyond that, there’s been several bug fixes, quality of life changes, and weapon changes, which can all be found in the full list of the patch notes:

Rogue Company Secret Identity patch notes

Player Identity

With the new Player Identity System, players can now customize their profile screen with a variety of options to fit their favorite Rogue or play style! Collect unique rewards from each Rogue Mastery and display them or mix and match your favorites.

  • Avatars: Appearing to the left side of your Profile, select your favorite Rogue Mastery Reward or other available option.
  • Banner: Select an available banner to show it on the right side of your Profile.
  • BorderYou can also select a unique Border which will appear around the Banner.

New Rogue Mastery Rewards

New Rogue Mastery Rewards are being introduced with the addition of the Player Identification System. At the following levels, these rewards will be received (retroactively if you’ve achieved that Mastery Level):

  • Level 2: Unique Rogue Avatar
  • Level 4: Unique Rogue Banner
  • Level 5: Unique Rogue Border

Closed Beta Spray

For those of you who joined us in Alpha and Closed Beta we can’t thank you enough! We’d like to commemorate this with a very unique spray that will always remind you of a special moment. This spray will be granted to all accounts who were in Alpha or Closed Beta this week.

Gameplay Changes



  • Increased movement speed bonus from 10% to 12%. Increased duration from 7s to 10s

Sixth Sense

  • Retired for now based on player feedback. 

Tracker Rounds

  • Reveal Time increased from 3s to 4s. 


Grenade Base

  • Outer Radius damage reduced from 50 to 40. 
  • Reduced inner explosion radius from 3m to 2.5m
  • Reduced outer explosion radius from 4.25m to 4m.

Grenade Level 1 & 2

  • Outer Radius damage reduced from 50 to 40. 
  • Reduced inner explosion radius from 3.25m to 3m.
  • Reduced outer explosion radius from 4.75m to 4.25m


  • Molotov spread increased from 0.5s to 0.25s. This results in the molotov dealing damage in 0.25s when first thrown.
  • Fixed an issue where the Level 1 Upgrade didn’t increase the duration. Increased the area at which molotov spreads by 20%. 


  • Max throw distance reduced from 17m to 13m. 
  • Level 1 upgrade throw distance reduced from 22m to 16m.
  • Outer Radius damage reduced from 60 to 40.  
  • Inner Radius reduced from 3.25m to 3m

Semtex Level 2

  • Reduced outer explosion radius from 4.25m to 4m.


  • Anvil: 
    • No longer immune to EMPs and Slows. 
  • Chaac
    • Ability Duration increased from 7s to 15s.
    • Downed Health increased to 50.
  • Ronin: 
    • Removed Sixth Sense. Now has Tracker Rounds.
    • Ballistic Knife proximity damage reduced from 125 to 100.
  • Vy: 
    • Removed Sixth Sense. Now has Tracker Rounds.
  • Talon: 
    • Removed Sixth Sense. Now has Tracker Rounds.
    • Fixed an issue where sprint would lock the player out longer than intended.
  • Gl1tch: 
    • Removed Sixth Sense. Now has Headstrong.


Submachine Guns

D40-C (Chaac)

  • Range increased from 11m to 12.5m
  • Increased ADS movement speed.

SL-C (Ronin, Scorch)

  • Range increased from 9.5m to 11.5m
  • Increased ADS movement speed.

24S (Lancer)

  • Range increased from 10.5m to 12.5m
  • Increased ADS movement speed.

LMP-X (Gl1tch, Talon)

  • Range increased from 12.5m to 13m
  • Increased ADS movement speed.

Objection (Dahlia)

  • Range increased from 9.5m to 10m
  • Increased ADS movement speed.

A3 Salvo  (Scorch)

  • Falloff Damage Range 1: Headshot damage increased from 51 to 52. Body damage increased from 33 to 34.
  • Falloff Damage Range 2: Headshot damage increased from 38 to 44. Body damage increased from 25 to 29. 
  • Range increased from 12m to 13m
  • No longer has unlimited ammo, now has 126 rounds 

Executioner (Anvil, Dahlia, Dima, Gl1tch, Saint, Trench, Vy)

  • No longer has unlimited ammo, now has 84 rounds 

LW6 Revolver (Dallas)

  • No longer has unlimited ammo, now has 42 rounds 

P12K (Phantom, Talon)

  • No longer has unlimited ammo, now has 49 rounds 

Spitfire (Chaac, Lancer, Ronin)

  • No longer has unlimited ammo, now has 105 rounds 

Quality of Life:

  • In Strikeout Mode, Bleed out will now say to activate “Use” instead of “X” to bleedout on PC. The X key can now be rebound.
  • Made a number of changes to the Emote and Radial Wheel which include:
    • A prompt will now display what must be pressed to close the Radial wheel
    • Players will now stop entirely when playing an Emote
    • On PC the Comm Wheel keys have been move from ‘8′ and ‘9’ to ‘T’ and ‘X’
    • When making a selection on the radial wheel on a console, the controller will rumble to indicate this
  • Players will now still be displayed on the End of Match summary if they leave the game.


  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause a PC player to crash in a cross platform Custom match.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to abuse the “shooting behind cover” feature.
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