5 Rogue Company tips to help you dominate the competition

Rogue Company tipsHiRez Studios/First Watch Games

Rogue Company is the latest third-person multiplayer shooter that aims to deliver competitive round-based action to all current-gen consoles. The cross-platform game is currently in beta and is available to those that purchase any of the three Founder’s Packs. In order to help you increase your win rate, we’ve put together five tips that will aid you in the virtual battlegrounds.

The competition is fierce in Rogue Company and getting to grips with its various mechanics can be a little tricky. While those who are familiar with CS:GO and Valorant will be familiar with this objective-based shooter, there are still a number of things that will keep even the most skilled players on their toes.

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After all, getting used to the third-person nature of Rogue Company can be a little tricky at first, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be topping the scoreboard in no time. 

Rogue Company’s main mode sees teams switch between attacking and defending two objectives, so you’ll need your wits about you if you wish to get those all-important eliminations. Whether you’re currently enjoying the beta or wanting to get up to speed before the game goes free to play later this year, then be sure to check out our guide below. 

Use cover to your advantage

Hiding behind cover is vital in Rogue companyHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Use cover to your advantage and punish those that leave themselves exposed.

This point may seem incredibly simple, but the amount of players that simply run out into the open is incredibly high. While Rogue Company’s dodge function can save you from sponging enemy bullets in close to medium range engagements, it’s often best to plot your route before you begin making a mad dash to the objective. 

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Not only will keeping a low profile make you much harder to hit, but you’ll also be able to catch any exposed players that are aggressively rushing. Even if you end up getting downed by an enemy player, the cover your hiding behind will make reviving you much easier.

Don’t instantly eliminate downed enemies

Rogue Company eliminationsHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Use knocked down enemies to lure your foes out of hiding.

If you manage to successfully deal enough lethal damage to an enemy player, they will enter a downed state. While it can be tempting to instantly finish off any helpless opponents with a few lethal rounds, you’ll invariably be able to secure more kills if you use them as bait. 

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Either wait for your enemy to begin the lengthy revival animation or remain out of sight, then bombard them with a hail of bullets and explosives to secure an easy double kill.

Most teams will want to revive any downed units to avoid nerve-wracking 1v4 clutch rounds, so be patient and look for opportunities where you can use downed enemies to your advantage. 

Always be on the lookout for flanking opportunities

Rogue Company flankingHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Flanking can net you a bounty of kills if you’re careful.

Rogue Company’s maps all feature various routes players can take in order to sneak behind enemy lines and launch devastating surprise attacks.

Pulling off a well-coordinated flank can be the deciding factor of many a round, particularly when you manage to get the drop on any unsuspecting foes. While you can use any character to flank behind enemy positions, there are a few who really shine when going deep into enemy territory. 

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For example, Lancer’s Quick and Quiet ability drastically increases her movement speed, silences her footsteps, and grants her immunity to enemy radar abilities. Of course, this ability alone won’t guarantee your success, but it will make getting the jump on your enemies that much easier. Study up on your Rogue’s and find out which ones you can use to deliver those scintillating surprise attacks. 

Spend your money wisely

Rogue Company cash shopHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
Certain items and perks may be more beneficial to your team, so assess the situation before spending the big bucks.

Rogue Company’s in-game economy system will be familiar to those of you who have played CS:GO or Riot Games’ Valorant. At the start of each round, you’ll be able to spend your hard-earned cash on weapons, perks, ordnance, and upgrades. It’s a cool system.

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The amount of money you can spend will largely depend on how well you did during the previous round, so try to play the objective and pick up as many eliminations/assists as possible. 

Certain upgrades will naturally cost more money than others and while it can tempting to instantly max out your primary weapon, it’s sometimes best to equip your Rogue with the game’s perks and explosives instead. If the enemy team is constantly hiding behind cover, then you may wish to spend money on utilizing and upgrading your grenades.

Additionally, if you’re on the losing side and are struggling to get funds for various items and upgrades, try to save your money for the next round. 

Communicate with your team

Rogue Company pingsHiRez Studios/First Watch Games
A simple ping or shoutout can go a long way in increasing your win rate.

If you’re serious about increasing your win rate and truly wish to dominate your opponents, then be sure to use the games comms. While you can get by just fine with Rogue Company’s in-game ping system, there really is nothing better than calling out enemy positions and discussing each round’s game plan with your team. 

You don’t need to constantly talk to your allies – in fact, simple shoutouts that give your team intel on enemy locations, movements, and communicating your motives will invariably be enough to secure plenty of victories. The difference between lower-tier players and higher-tier players is often the difference in team communication, so plug that mic in and let your voice be heard. 

If you follow these Rogue Company tips and tricks, you’ll be able to secure more eliminations and wins in no time. For more guides, news, and leaks follow @RogueCoUpdates on Twitter.