Roblox players baffled by Tinder-style concept for adult users

Rishabh Sabarwal
Roblox Tinder features

Only a week after Roblox’s announcement of “mature experiences” for users 17 and up, concept arts have surfaced of a Tinder-like online dating function being developed for the platform. The speculative concept that has gone viral however, left players baffled and each had their own opinions on the matter.

Roblox’s expansive metaverse has captivated the imagination of millions by providing a platform for creativity, social interaction, and entertainment. While the game caters predominantly to a younger audience, it also provides a platform for adult players to connect and interact.

Roblox announced its “Vision for All Ages” campaign in July 2023, introducing mature experiences on the platform for users aged 17 and older. To gain access to this content, users must undertake an age verification procedure that identifies them as adults on the platform.

Since these experiences have only been available for a week, concept arts of a Tinder-inspired online dating feature coming shortly to the platform are already circulating, along with a hilarious design. This has left players baffled, as they would not expect such a feature on the platform keeping in mind their community guidelines.

Roblox players baffled by Tinder-style concept on Twitter

In a recent Twitter thread, a concept made by Jofu of an upcoming Tinder-inspired online dating feature for Roblox have circulated, along with a convincing design for how it would appear on mobile devices. The feature posted on the concept art bounds to be restricted to users aged 18 and older, the same demographic that has access to the platform’s newly introduced mature experiences.

The concept image attached to the Tweet depicts a Tinder-like interface that allows players to right-swipe or left-swipe a user on their screens, and once a match is made, players are given the option to chat with them. Roblox currently offers a vast collection of social activities, but none of them promote online dating in a transparent manner, hence busting the viral image concept.

A user who was baffled to see this commented, “Man… what happened to Roblox? I remember it being an innocent game where blocky characters run around and have fun”. Another one who claimed the rumor is fake replied, “Sorry but this concept looks horrible. Doesn’t match the UI of Roblox at all”.

A third went on to say, “I never wish to expect that Roblox is gonna turn into an dating app for kids”. While there has been no official announcement from either Roblox or Tinder, it’s safe to say that this is still just a concept at this point.

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