Roblox holding Halloween Scare Fair event

Sam Smith
hallowen in roblox
Roblox Corporation

Roblox’s Halloween Scare Fair is the best way to celebrate the season, so here’s all of the new creepy cosmetics and spooky activities that you can partake in. 

Roblox has become quite the phenomenon since it launched, letting players indulge their creative side by dressing their avatars in a range of fancy themed gear.

For the spooky season, Roblox is hosting a series of events collectively known as the Halloween Scare Fair, and will be dropping some new content to go with it.

Each event or cosmetic drop is now available for players to use and get involved in. Here’s everything on offer.

Halloween roblox costumes
Spooky costumes coming to Roblox this Halloween.

Roblox Halloween cosmetics

Roblox’s avatar shop will see fresh Halloween-themed content including Cruella Deville-styled hats and pigtails reminiscent of Batman villain Harley Quinn. Roblox players will also be able to wear a variety of creepy masks to get into the Halloween vibe.

Players familiar with Roblox Royal High will also be able to take part in ‘Royalloween’ which will be having its own Halloween festivities including minigames and more costume customization.

roblox bans handholding
Roblox Corporation
Roblox is a hugely popular and creative multiplayer experience.

Special Roblox Halloween events

Roblox will be hosting a new event in partnership with MGM studios called Ghostopia. This will be in celebration of ‘The Addams Family 2,’ and will offer an in-game scavenger hunt and new story-based quests.

New Halloween-themed enemies including Pumpkin Zombies, Mummies, and Frankenstein’s Monster, and a new special Ghost Zombie will also be filling the map for players to discover.

Those who run a virtual restaurant in Roblox will be able to get involved in Restaurant Tycoon 2, decorating their space with Halloween-themed cosmetics. There’s also going to be a pumpkin carving simulator.

Finally, players will be able to take part in trick or treating and other related minigames through Roblox’s Livetopia, Dragon Adventures, and Creatures of Sonaria. Each offers its own spin on Halloween festivities.

The popularity of Roblox continues to grow despite the devs banning public displays of affection, including kissing and handholding. But at least players can trick or treat together without the risk of getting banned.