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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC crashes on Twitch streamer Jericho at worst time

Published: 6/Nov/2019 5:07 Updated: 6/Nov/2019 5:35

by Brad Norton


While streaming Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC for the very first time, one unlucky streamer had the game crash on him at the most amusing moment.

Red Dead Redemption 2 just launched on PC on November 5 and naturally, a large portion of content creators have been playing the game now that it’s on their platform of choice.

Unfortunately for Twitch streamer Tucker ‘JERICHO’ Boner, the Rockstar Games’ latest release just happened to crash on him at the most inopportune moment.

Throughout a broadcast on the day of release, the streamer decided to offer his formal opinion on the title as a whole, setting the tone in saying “alright, here’s my final statement on this.”

“This game looks fantastic,” he said, before adding that it looked even better than when he had first played it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year. “It looks better than it did on console.”

Rockstar Games - Red Dead Redemption 2Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC features a number of graphical options not available on console.

Continuing his impromptu review, JERICHO explained that it even “looked fantastic on console,” however, mid-way through getting the words out the game hilariously crashed, leaving the stunned streamer starring at a Rockstar error message in amused silence.

Despite being released over a full year later than the console iteration, the unlucky crash amusingly proved that even with the extra time in development, sometimes triple-A titles can’t escape bugs and problems at launch.

“I think I’m done playing it for now,” he abruptly concluded his review between bouts of laughter. Maybe we’ll get a fully fleshed out review down the line, but for now, this amusing clip should perfectly encapsulate the PC experience when playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

Ultimately, JERICHO did get back on the horse, so to speak, and continued on with his Red Dead Redemption 2 run shortly after the poorly timed crash. 

Recently, popular Mixer streamer Michael ‘ Counter-Strike pro doesn’t encounter any similar crashes, however. 


Red Ded Redemption cosplayers become real-life Arthur & Sadie Adler

Published: 9/Sep/2020 13:13

by Jacob Hale


Two incredible gaming cosplayers came together to create their own versions of Red Dead Redemption’s Arthur and Sadie Adler — and the photos look like they’re straight out of the game.

The first Red Dead Redemption game came out in 2010 and immediately earned mass appeal, with the 2018 prequel keeping the franchise alive and fans flocking to the servers of the Western adventure game.

As with every popular game, film or TV show, though, fans have all different ways of honoring their favorites, and cosplayers are no exception.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur and Sadie
Rockstar Games
Arthur and Sadie are a favorite of Red Dead fans.

We’ve seen some incredible cosplays in our time, but this one is really something special, with ‘maul_cosplay‘ creating his flawless take on protagonist Arthur Morgan.

That’s not all, though, as he also recruited female cosplayer ‘msskunk’ as Sadie, bringing the fan-favorite couple to life.

“RDR2 is my absolute favorite game and I think Arthur and Sadie should spend more time together,” maul said in his Instagram post. “That’s what the photos are about. Arthur and Sadie enjoying life and spending some quality time together.”

Arthur and Sadie’s relationship was an important one in Red Dead Redemption, and it would have been interesting to see their story developed further, and fans are definitely interested in seeing what occurs between the two — and the cosplay really showcases that. Not to mention, the outfits and setting are literally spot-on, and it’s almost impossible to find any difference between this and the characters themselves.


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Both the photos and the cosplays themselves came out looking incredible, as if the characters were lifted right out of the game. Heck, you wouldn’t be laughed at for mistaking this for game art rather than just a photo of two cosplayers paying homage.

This isn’t the first of maul’s cosplays to make waves, with some brilliant looks taken from the likes of Assassin’s Creed and Borderlands 3’s Zane.

If you’re looking for great gaming cosplays, maul and msskunk might be one of the best places to look, since their attention to detail is sublime.