Twitch streamer puts viewers in Skyrim with hilarious in-game voice mod

Eleni Thomas
Skyrim Riverwood playable character image

Twitch streamer Blurbs is going viral online after they posted a video of a new mod they created that allows their viewers to voice in-game characters in Skyrim.

A Twitch streamer has developed a new mod that allows their viewers to voice in-game characters. Changing up the dialogue lines and completely turning what should be simple interactions on their head.

Blurbs, who has over 70,000 followers on Twitch, shared a clip on X (formerly known as Twitter) compiling some of the best moments from a recent livestream testing the creation. 

For example, when approaching a child NPC in Skyrim, rather than them sharing some piece of information or a simple statement about the larger world as they typically would, Blurb’s chat takes over the conversations. One notable voice line includes one viewer asking if Blurbs “wants some dr*gs” when approaching a child in Riverwood. It’s as ridiculous as you’d expect from Twitch chat.

When Dexerto reached out to Blurbs, the streamer revealed that this was their first time creating a mod of this nature and that it had been in the works for “a little over a month.

“It’s my first ever attempt at modding a video game so there was a bit of a learning curve.”

However, Blurbs added that their background as a software developer helped them transition into full-time content creation and has allowed them to experiment with different types of mods within video games.

“I’m an ex-software developer turned full-time creator and all of my content revolves around silly creations like this. Lately, I’ve been really into integrating Unity into Twitch streams, but after watching creators like DougDoug and Criken, I realized I’ve never tried modding games. Originally I planned to just overlay a regular old TTS system over gameplay, but I wanted to see if I could integrate it directly into the mouths of NPCs.”

When asked if they have any plans to integrate this particular voice mod into other titles, Blurbs admitted that their chat has been asking for them to transfer the mod over to another classic Bethesda title. One that has been garnering major attention as of late.

“Many of my viewers have asked me to use this mod with Fallout, given the popularity of the recent TV show. It should be possible and I plan to take a whack at it once I’ve had my fun with Skyrim!”

For those interested in finding out how Blurbs created this mod, they revealed to Dexerto that they are working on an explainer video that will be up on their YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

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