Leaked footage of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC has fans in a frenzy

. 4 years ago

Footage of Red Dead Redemption 2 being played on PC has surfaced online via a video posted to YouTube – and it doesn’t seem like a fake.

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The video focuses on the graphics settings menu, which gives more credence to the leak being real, as it comes with all the dials one would expect on a PC version.

Admittedly, the video quality is not great – it’s being filmed on a camera phone and a very badly focused one – but that hasn’t stopped PC players fawning over it.

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At only 25 seconds long, and featuring only mere seconds of actual gameplay with the rest of the time spent in menus, some have pointed out that it would be possible to fake.

However, everything you would expect from a graphics settings menu is pretty much there; screen type, resolution, refresh rate, FXAA, VSync, texture and shadow quality and so on.

The original video has been taken down, but it didn’t long for plenty re-uploads to pop up, take a look for yourself in the video below.

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One commenter compiled a ‘fake or not’ type list, which gives reasons why PC fans should (or shouldn’t) get excited because of this leak:

Why it could be real:

  • The Mouse Movement
  • Cursor highlights in menu – there is a sudden jump from ‘Map’ to ‘Progress’ (skipping ‘Help’) that would not be possible on console.
  • Space is for applying the settings just like in GTA V. Enter and ESC key can also be seen.
  • Each graphic setting has a description.

Why it could be fake:

  • Some graphic options missing – However could be a beta version. GTA V PC leaks also featured missing options.
  • No Keyboard or Mouse sound when clicking or hitting space – could be explained by bad audio recording on camera.

Regardless of whether this is fake or not, it is believed that the question is not ‘if’ Red Dead Redemption 2 comes to PC, but rather when. Numerous leaks and hints have already been spotted which make it clear that Rockstar at least plans on a PC release.

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