Two surprise contestants announced to compete in The Traitors US Season 2

Molly Byrne
the traitors season 2

There will be two new additions to The Traitors US cast for Season 2. Though unexpected, the surprise duo just might be the perfect addition.

Former chief stew of Below Deck, Kate Chastain, took her sea legs to Scotland to compete in the first season of The Traitors in 2022.

Though she placed fifth, Chastain gained enough popularity to secure herself a second go-around on the hit reality series.

Chastain won’t be the only contestant added mid-season, though, as Big Brother Season 2 winner Will Kirby will also be joining as a surprise guest.

the traitors season 2
Will Kirby of Big Brother makes a surprise appearance on The Traitors Season 2.

Kate Chastain says “no one” saw her return coming

In The Traitors Season 2 trailer, Chastain can be seen talking with contestants, “Tell me everything, who do we hate?”

Having not disclosed whether she will be a traitor or not, Chastain did confirm with People Magazine that she will be competing towards the $250,000 cash prize saying, “I was willing to give it another go because I knew the cast this year was stacked with so many big, fun personalities.”

Chastain continued, “And let’s face it — when Alan Cumming invites you back to his castle, you go!” She also expressed how excited she was to return mid-season as a surprise to all her fans, saying that nobody, even she, didn’t expect to be making a return.

However, Chastain won’t be the only reality star to be added to The Traitors Season 2 cast. Will Kirby, better known as the “Evil Doctor” of Big Brother, will also help shake up the castle with his guest appearance.

Though it is unknown what his role will be on The Traitors or when he will be making his first appearance on the show, his “evil” persona just might make for the perfect addition alongside Chastain and the remaining contestants.

Fans of Kirby have even commented on his surprise appearance, saying their jaws dropped when the announcement was made.

As for when Chastain will make her Traitors return, she is expected to appear in Episode 5 on Thursday, January 25. To watch The Traitors, fans can catch every episode exclusively on Peacock.