Who won The Traitors US Season 2?

Areesha Khan
Kate from The Traitors

After more than a month of backstabbing and betrayals, The Traitors US Season 2 has come to an end. But who won? Here’s what you need to know.

Season 2 of the beloved Bravo reality series The Traitors begun airing on January 12, 2024. This season, 22 more reality TV celebrities joined in for a game of betrayal and were mercilessly axed one after another.

The Traitors Season 2 served a perfect dose of tragic comedy, especially in episode 5, when the contestants ran around the fancy Scottish Castle making random bird sounds to protect themselves from being murdered.

As the contestants played the treacherous games on host Alan Cumming’s well-set chessboard – many went back home with important lessons and trust issues. Now that the month of missions, round tables, and surprise funerals is over, who won The Traitors US Season 2? 

Who won The Traitors US Season 2?

bergie the traitors
Bergie and The Traitors US Season 2 contestants.

Faithfuls Trishelle Cannatella and Chris “CT” Tamburello won The Traitors US Season 2.

In the final episode, the two reality TV best friends were left standing along with the Shahs of Sunsets alum MJ Javid.

Trishelle, The Challenge star, had won herself an immunity shield with the help of CT and it was up to her to decide which player she wanted banished in episode 11.

She talked about her paranoia setting in when she was making her last choice to Vanity Fair. She said: “I was letting the game paranoia get to me. Alan had said something like, ‘Well, there could still be a traitor amongst us,’ and Alan is super convincing. So I was like, ‘Oh my God, he’s talking about CT, isn’t he?’

“Because I just knew that MJ was not a traitor. I didn’t think she could pull it off and lie like that. I don’t think CT is a liar, but I know that he’s so smart, and he’s played these games before. I kept thinking, ‘Oh my God, maybe he helped me get the shield because he didn’t need it. He didn’t light my torch. Maybe he did that because he knew he wasn’t going to murder me because he’s a traitor.'”

Trishelle ultimately chose to banish MJ and won the cash prize of $208,100. She split the amount with her ‘The Challenge’ bestie and each went home with $104,050.