The Traitors Season 2 fans surprised by Larsa Pippen’s “impressive” performance

Molly Byrne
the traitors season 2

The Traitors Season 2 fans are shocked by how well Larsa Pippen has done on the show, so far.

Larsa Pippen may have been the one to spread information about her castmates on Real Housewives of Miami, but her ability to stay silent and vigilant on The Traitors Season 2 has fans talking.

Shocked, Pippen’s performance has been deemed both “impressive” and “threatening.”

Though her boyfriend Marcus Jordan was already voted off, will Pippen’s foresight continue to be as accurate as before?

The Traitors Season 2
The Traitors Season 2

Larsa Pippen has already detected a traitor on The Traitors Season 2

Pippen arrived at The Traitors’ house with her boyfriend Jordan. However, after just two episodes, Jordan was “murdered” in the middle of the night.

Though both contestants and fans have had their doubts about how well she will thrive without her partner by her side, Pippen has surprised many.

Not only has she stayed calm and collected, but Pippen has already pinpointed a traitor in the game — Dan Gheesling.

Pippen even spoke up about her suspicions at the round table during banishment when everyone else was voting otherwise.

Fans of the show have taken to Twitter/X to share their thoughts on Pippen’s performance, “Larsa actually being a huge threat on #TheTraitorsUS was not on my bingo card.”

Someone else said, “Same, I thought she’d fall apart or check out! Fun to see her reinvigorated instead.”

One fan even stated that they “underestimated” Pippen, while another mentioned that she must remain “tactful” or else she’ll be voted off.

Now that Pippen has been left to fend for herself without Jordan, she said she’s ready to “avenge” his death. Can she outlast the traitors and make it to the finale?

To watch The Traitors Season 2, fans can catch the first three episodes on Peacock. The following episodes will be released on Thursdays at 9:00 PM EST.