The Traitor’s US Phaedra tells Parvati “no one likes you” after intense banishment

Molly Byrne
the traitors us season 2

The Traitors US contestant Phaedra Parks wasn’t happy with her co-star Pavarti Shallow after Shallow turned her back on Parks during banishment.

The Traitors US Season 2 has an all-star cast full of reality names from various shows like Real Housewives, Survivor, The Challenge, and more. 

Though only two traitors were elected by Alan Cumming during the first episode, a third traitor was recruited.

However, just four episodes in, and the traitors have already turned their backs on each other. Here’s what went down in Episode 4. 

Parvati Shallow tries to expose fellow traitor Phaedra Parks

Chosen to be traitors during Season 2 of The Traitors US were Phaedra Parks from Real Housewives of Atlanta and Dan Gheesling from Big Brother. However, when asked to recruit an additional ally, Parks and Gheesling chose Pavarti Shallow from Survivor.

Though the three are supposed to be playing the game together without exposing their true identities, Shallow turned her back on Parks during banishment in Episode 4.

After saying that all the Housewives of BravoTV must be working together, Shallow seemingly dug her grave with Parks, as nobody was onto Parks as a traitor at the time. 

Shallow, however, could have been worried that eyes were on her after having to poison a contestant in plain sight during Episode 3, causing her to place blame on one of the “cliquiest” groups on the show despite working alongside one of them as traitors.

After Shallow called Parks out, the three traitors came together in the night to decide who they would be murdering. However, Parks addressed Shallow’s comments as soon as their hoods fell, saying, “That wasn’t cool.”

Parks continued, “For you to go and try to throw me under the bus… when you do stuff like that, it brings attention to me… are you kidding me? No one likes you Pavarti. Everyone says you’re a f*cking traitor.”

the traitors us season 2
The Traitors US Season 2 contestants Parvati Shallow and Dan Gheesling.

Parks continued, “We can be in this game together, but you’re gonna play fair. And if you don’t, then you have more problems than a faithful.”

Shallow even took to a confessional to say, “It would be great if Phaedra was exposed. She is a traitor that no one expects.”

Though the end of the episode cut off with Parks telling Pavarti, “I’m playing very fair with you, so don’t do that to me,” time will tell how faithful the traitors will be to each other.