Bergie of The Traitors US explains his “biggest fear” during Season 2

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bergie the traitors us

Carsten “Bergie” Bergersten opened up with Dexerto about his time on The Traitors US Season 2 and how he would have felt “guilty” if he hadn’t played to his full potential.

Bergie of The Traitors US ended Season 2 by expectedly getting ‘murdered’ by Traitors Pavarti Shallow and Phaedra Parks in Episode 8. 

Having played a strategic game until his demise, Bergie says he was happy he played to his full potential, as his “biggest fear” was not doing so.

Bergie also said he doesn’t regret being close with the biggest target in the house, Peter Weber, despite the friendship leading to his exit.

bergie the traitors
The Traitors US Season 2

Bergie says he would have had the “easiest” time being a Traitor

Bergie was firm on both staying out of the crossfire and playing a competitive game. Though he was chosen to be a Faithful, Bergie wasn’t sure if he’d be able to play strategically, as he said he would have had one of the “easiest” games if chosen as a Traitor.

When asked how he would have played as a Traitor, Bergie said he wouldn’t have changed much and would have continued to try and “stay under the radar,” as he thought it would have been a good sell to other competitors.

However, Bergie made sure that while he was still in the Castle, whether Faithful or Traitor, he would play to his full potential. “I would feel so guilty with myself knowing that I could have played a better game, but chose not to,” he told us.

bergie the triators us
The Traitors US Season 2

He continued, “That was my biggest fear, was not accomplishing anything in the season.” But when he led the group to success during the graveyard challenge, Bergie knew his competition and fans realized he was actually there to “play the game.”

Bergie also expressed that he didn’t regret “making an alliance” with Peter because he “knew” it was the best chance of the Faithfuls winning the game.

Though his friendship with Peter would ultimately send him home, Bergie said he was glad he “died on the sword” rather than “randomly” getting killed without having been some sort of threat.

Despite Bergie having been ‘murdered’ on The Traitors US Season 2, he said he would love to compete on any reality competition show in the future. He would even give Real Housewives a go, as well. However, his next concrete endeavors include making a YouTube channel and providing fans with online personal training. 

As for The Traitors US Season 2, fans can tune into Peacock every Thursday at 9:00 PM EST.

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