The Traitors’ Phaedra & Dan clash in fiery Season 2 reunion: “Son of a bitch”

Molly Byrne
the traitors season 2

The Traitors’ Phaedra Parks unleashed on Dan Gheesling during the Season 2 reunion by calling him multiple names.

Though the two played side-by-side as Traitors in the competition, Phaedra Parks and Dan Gheesling heavily clashed during Season 2.

Sure, Parks would outlast Gheesling in the game. However, she seemed to have held a grudge going into the reunion.

Not only did she speak up for herself against Gheesling, as she iconically did during multiple round tables, but she also called him a “lowdown son of bitch” in an epic and fiery head-to-head.

Phaedra Parks unleashes on Dan Gheesling

Before Gheesling was eliminated by his fellow contestants, he made a last-ditch effort to target the only person he thought he couldn’t beat. “I went after you because I didn’t think I could beat you in the end,” Gheesling told Variety about Parks.

“Everyone liked her, and no one suspected her,” Gheesling told the outlet. “And until I brought her name up, no one even considered her. To me, that is really dangerous and I hope she takes that as a sign of respect.”

the traitors season 2
Dan Gheesling and Phaedra Parks on The Traitors Season 2.

However, Parks didn’t find Gheesling’s tactics respectable or honorable. She was actually so disgusted by Gheesling targeting her that she refused to forgive him during the reunion.

Parks even swore at Gheesling multiple times, calling him a “piece of sh*t.” She didn’t stop there, though, as she then called him “trash.”

Gheesling responded to Parks by saying “It’s not personal.” He was also shocked that Parks was still angry with him.

Parks went on to say that she enjoyed the “mental game” and was happy to play a role she wasn’t familiar with outside of the show.

As for their relationship, it’s safe to say that Parks and Gheesling will not be moving forward as friends.