Summer House fans want “boring” Paige DeSorbo removed from the show

Je'Kayla Crawford
Paige from Summer House

There are several fan-favorites among the Summer House cast and unfortunately for Paige DeSorbo, she isn’t one of them.

Paige DeSobro joined the popular Bravo series Summer House back in Season 3, the only newcomer to come in that season.

As the girlfriend of Southern Charm’s Craig Conover, another popular series from the network, she also makes frequent appearances on that show.

So, within a few years, Paige has gone from a normal girl to the star of two reality TV shows at once.

However, as quickly as she became a part of these groups is the same amount of time fans want her removed.

Do Summer House fans like Paige DeSorbo?

On December 29, Summer House viewers took to Reddit to share their distaste for Paige, and to put it lightly, they did not hold back at all.

One fan wrote, “Can’t stand Paige. She is so full of herself. Have you ever seen her posing for pictures and her expressions while she is being photographed? It’s laughable…she thinks she’s a supermodel or something.”

Another fan chimed in and wrote, “I don’t think Paige adds that much to the show. She’s cute. She’s got a few good one liners. But she lacks story and frankly I rarely see her out of bed. Boring. Next!”

As of now, Paige hasn’t addressed the fan criticism. She is already set to return for the eighth season of Summer House, which is highly anticipated. It picks up right after the shocking split between Lindsay Hubbard and her fiance Carl Radke. A release date for the season hasn’t been given out by Bravo but should be arriving soon.

To stay updated on the Summer House and the upcoming seasons, make sure to check our page here.

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