Netflix reveals new Korean competition series about social media influencers

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The Influencer survival series from Netflix

Since the dawn of Single’s Inferno, Netflix has dived heavily into the phenomenon of Korean competition series – leading them to announce a brand new project titled The Influencer.

While Netflix found success in the global Hallyu wave with K-dramas, it found another money-making stream in competition and reality series. Having started with Single’s Inferno, it showcased the drama of dating on a deserted island.

From then on, Netflix has had success with Physical: 100, heading into a second season alongside The Devil’s Plan. Not to mention the upcoming all-female competition Sirens: Survive the Island, and the real-life version of Squid Game with Squid Game: The Challenge.

It seems Netflix is far from over, having recently announced The Influencer. Here’s everything we know about the new competition series.

Netflix’s The Influencers is exactly as it sounds

Netflix’s newly announced competition series, The Influencers, has a group of social media influencers see who has the most power online.

Anyone would have likely guessed the concept behind the upcoming series based on the name alone. While releasing little information, on Twitter Netflix announced, “Who has the most sway on social media? In The Influencer, 77 Korean influencers come together in a survival competition to find out who has the most social media influence.”

The cast has not been announced but it will be a spectacle to see. Korea is heavily influenced by social media celebrities. For now, little is known about the series besides its large quantity of contestants. Details of the rules, games, and grand prize are yet to be revealed.

When it comes to a release date for The Influencer, it can be speculated it will be released in 2024 but at a later date on Netflix. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as and when new information rolls in.

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