Love Island USA fans think Victor is the perfect representation of ‘toxic masculinity’

Simone Torn
Love Island season 5 Islander Victor

Victor Gonzalez from Love Island Season 5 is being labeled by fans as “a walking example of toxic masculinity.” 

Victor from Season 5 of Love Island USA was initially a fan-favorite. However, after his relationship with Carmen took a turn for the worse, fans think the 28-year-old contestant has been showing his true colors.

Due to the behaviors that he has been displaying in episodes 7 and 8, Love Island viewers are starting to label Victor as the epitome of “toxic masculinity.” 

Victor from Love Island USA is being called out by fans for his ‘toxic’ behavior

Victor and Carmen may be coupled up, but that doesn’t mean they are romantically compatible. This has become most apparent when Carmen and Victor revealed their polarizing love languages.

While Victor is all about physical touch and engaging in public displays of affection, Carmen has explicitly told him that she’s not comfortable with this. Regardless, Victor has still tried to be physically affectionate with Carmen in order to, in his words, “push her buttons.”   

Furthermore, Carmen has made it clear that she prefers a romance that is slower-paced, which is one of the reasons why she is so keen on giving islander Bergie a shot. Yet Victor has said in episode 8 that he does not see Bergie as a “threat” to his relationship with Carmen, simply because he doesn’t think Bergie is good enough to regard as “competition.”

Clearly, he was threatened though, because In episode 8, Victor publicly called out Bergie for his budding relationship with Carmen. Fans were quick to label this as “bullying” behavior, taking to Reddit to discuss their thoughts.

“Bullying Carmen about her boundaries, bullying Bergie about, I don’t even know, some ‘bro code’ bullsh*t,” one user wrote. “He’s also constantly making snide comments about how he’s bigger than all the other guys. Dude is a walking example of toxic masculinity.”

Another user agreed, writing, “He has rapidly gone from my favorite to my villain.”

Time will tell if Victor can redeem himself with the fans for his treatment of Bergie and Carmen.

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