Love Island fans convinced they have found red flags in Victor already

Simone Torn
Victor from Love Island USA season 5

Love Island USA fans wonder if Victor treated Carmen unfairly in last night’s episode, with many saying he’s displaying red flags. 

For the most part, fans of Love Island USA have been enjoying Victor as a contestant while he looks for love inside the villa. The Jason Momoa look-alike started out as a bit of an underdog when none of the female contestants chose him in the coupling up process, but he slowly turned into one of the most sought-after guys in the villa. 

Initially, he was coupled up with Jasmine, but her party-girl persona was a quick turn-off for Victor’s more bookish ways. So when bombshell Carmen came into the villa, her self-professed “geeky” charm instantly caught Victor’s attention. 

At first, fans were excited to see what would come of Victor and Carmen’s blossoming romance. Yet after last night’s episode, some Love Island viewers are questioning Victor’s “red flags” following a fight with Carmen. 

Did Love Island contestant Victor display red flags during his fight with Carmen?

Although Victor and Carmen have only been coupled up for a short time, they’ve already faced quite a few road bumps. 

While Victor seems to be a big fan of physical touch, Carmen has noted that this is not something she’s comfortable with. Carmen has also mentioned that she likes a “slow burn” romance where she can truly get to know someone over time and be friends with them first, before getting serious.

That’s where Bergie comes in.

While some fans are questioning whether Carmen is actually interested in Bergie, others think her feelings could be genuine, since he is wholesome enough to follow that “slow burn” style of romance that she’s been looking for since she entered the villa. 

But all hell broke loose when Carmen decided to explore her interest in Bergie by kissing him during last night’s challenge. Carmen ended up being the only contestant to kiss someone during the challenge that she wasn’t coupled up with. And while it’s understandable that Victor was hurt by this, some fans were put off by the way he displayed that unbridled emotion. 

Discussing Victor’s actions on Reddit, one fan wrote, “He’s showing some very passive-aggressive, disrespectful sides.” 

Another agreed, writing, ”I’m not saying Carmen’s 100% in the right, but Victor really pulled out a bundle of red flags this episode.”

Find out how Carmen and Victor’s relationship unfolds with all new episodes of Love Island USA.

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