Love Is Blind ex speaks out after Season 6 contestant threatens to ruin her life

Je'Kayla Crawford
Trevor from Love Is Blind

Trevor Sova from Season 6 of Love Is Blind was just accused of a very serious allegation by his ex-girlfriend.

We are now a few episodes into Love Is Blind, and the couples have now gotten engaged and are enjoying their honeymoons.

One pair that fell through the cracks of the pods dating experiment was Chelsea Blackwell and Trevor Sova. After getting swarmed into a love triangle with another man, Chelsea ultimately went with the other choice and left Trevor single.

At first, viewers expressed their love for Trevor after she chose someone else over him, but based on the new allegations against him, that Season 6 fan-favorite title that he was given looks like it’s about to fall off.

Trevor from Love Is Blind’s ex speaks out

On February 23, Trevor Sora’s ex-girlfriend, professional bodybuilder Natalia Abraham Coelho, took to her Instagram story to unleash several accusations against the new reality TV star.

Not only did she claim that he ghosted her before going on the dating show, but she also alleged that he has since threatened her if she shared her story with the public.

“He said he would try to ruin my life and send intimate videos to my family, specifically my son,” she wrote in one story.

As of now, Trevor hasn’t publicly addressed her allegations, but several fans have quickly taken to Reddit to express their reactions to the accusations, especially after Trevor’s friend Vinnie Doa spoke up.

One fan wrote, “Wtf is even going on? I can’t keep up with all this tea being spilled, this has got to be the messiest season by far!”

Another fan chimed in and wrote, “I’ve had enough of this season. Just stop lol. Mark my words this is how the next LIB seasons will be. This is what sells. So with that said, can’t wait for the reunion to be just done.”

The next batch of episodes is set to release on February 28.

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