Kitchen Nightmares fans label South Brooklyn Foundry owner “Most Valuable D-Bag”

Stephanie Harper

Gordon Ramsay did his best to improve things at South Brooklyn Foundry during an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. Fans aren’t impressed by one of the owners, though.

Whenever restaurants agree to be featured in episodes of Kitchen Nightmares on Fox, audiences love to weigh in with their own personal opinions.

During Season 8, Episode 8, Gordon Ramsay spent time at a New York City restaurant called South Brooklyn Foundry.

One of the men in charge is named Rey Martinez. Social media users weren’t impressed by his behavior in front of the cameras.

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Here’s why social media isn’t loving Rey Martinez from Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon noticed different red flags and issues at South Brooklyn Foundry when he first showed up on the scene. For starters, one of the burgers on their menu was set to a price point of $30.

That was something Gordon simply didn’t approve of. What was worse is that he also had to deal with a frustrating management team.

Rey hasn’t been well-received by viewers and opinions about him have been published on a Reddit thread. One user posted, “Looks like we have another contender for Most Valuable D*****bag.”

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Someone else said, “Rey gets all the benefits and no risk. That ain’t 50/50. He has the balls to think he should get a payout? What a piece of sh**.”

Someone else chimed in to say, “I’m surprised Rey signed a release for this episode.” To that, a fourth Redditor responded with, “When he initially said he didn’t want to do the episode, several red flags went off.”

South Brooklyn Foundry on Kitchen Nightmares.

One thing fans of Kitchen Nightmares share in common is that they don’t appreciate seeing rude or aggressive behavior coming from management teams.

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Based on social media commentary, Kitchen Nightmares fans prefer seeing Gordon rescuing restaurants that wholeheartedly deserve renovations, menu updates, and solid advice from a master chef.

As of now, Rey’s reputation among Kitchen Nightmare fans isn’t in a good spot.

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