Jax Taylor allegedly exited flight after throwing “fit” over faulty seat

Molly Byrne
jax taylor delayed a flight over two hours after throwing a fit

Jax Taylor of ‘House of Villains’ reportedly exited his flight after throwing a fit before takeoff, resulting in a delay and some very unhappy passengers.

Jax Taylor, formerly known as the antagonist of Vanderpump Rules has merged his reality persona into another realm, as he will be starring in E!‘s House of Villains starting on October 12.

Though House of Villains hasn’t aired yet, Taylor was seemingly in character when boarding his recent JetBlue flight.

Passengers aboard were so taken aback by the ruckus Taylor caused that they took to Reddit to share what they claim happened in order for him to eventually exit the plane before takeoff.

Passengers on the flight spoke ‘viciously’ about Jax Taylor

After Jax Taylor was recognized on a flight by someone’s uncle, the uncle texted their family member to tell them that Taylor had thrown a tantrum before takeoff, resulting in him exiting the plane before it took route to its destination.

The family member then took to Reddit to relay what had supposedly happened, saying that Taylor was displeased with a broken light above his seat. He allegedly threw a bad enough “fit” that ended up delaying the flight for over two hours.

An additional passenger who said they were on the plane with Taylor saw the Reddit post and commented even more details, saying, “We were supposed to land at about 10 AM. This do**henozzle had to pitch enough of a fit that we ended up two and a half hours late, making me late to the music festival I was headed to.”

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The Reddit user also said that the Captain of the plane didn’t initially kick Taylor off because they were treating the situation like it was someone having “mental health issues.” The Captain did, however, announce that a “customer was unable to fly” before finally turning the plane around.

Taylor actually escalated the situation so much so that both crew and passengers were fed up, as the Reddit user also wrote, “It was only after he got off the flight that the buzz reached my seat about who it was, and I can assure you the words and language that this otherwise-friendly group of passengers had turned vicious.”

Taylor was also referred to as a “D-list” celebrity by the unhappy uncle who initially shared the story of what happened on the plane.

Taylor’s rep has since addressed the matter to Page Six. “The plane did not come back [to the gate] due to any uproar,” said the representative. “His seat was in the bed position in first class, and the plane is unable to take off if it is not upright. He was not able to sit in that seat. It was not working. It was not his fault that the seat wouldn’t move from the bed position.”

Taylor also recently commented about his House of Villains role, admitting, “I am a villain on the show that I was on… I feel like I was a bad person” while he introduced himself for the new show.