Is The Valley’s Zack Wickham wearing a wig? Season 1 star responds to fan theory

Molly Byrne
is Zack Wickham's hair real?

Zack Wickham from Season 1 of The Valley responded to rumors about his hair being fake. Here are all the details.

The Valley’s Zack Wickham is known for being Brittany Cartwright and Kristen Doute’s right-hand man.

When he isn’t spilling tea to Kristen about their Valley co-stars, Zack’s debunking the rumor about his full, luscious, and perfectly colored hair being fake, as fans have speculated that he wears a wig regularly.

“No wig, it’s just my hair lol sorry to disappoint all you hairpiece conspiracy theorists,” Zack captioned his viral TikTok where he confronted the accusation.

Fans have since commented by saying they still think he wears a hairpiece.

“There’s an unnatural ‘zero scalp visibility’ to it that looks fake,” wrote one fan.

“Can you show us the front from the root? It’s ok if you wear a hairpiece but it would be helpful for other people with alopecia if you would be transparent & share your secrets,” asked one viewer.

Another fan even called Zack out for having hair that resembles a “Lego character.” While one viewer asked for a tutorial on how he styles his hair.

However, Zack responded to his fans in the comments, saying that he had “no secrets” and that his hair is 100% “real.”

The Valley airs Tuesday at 9:00 PM ET on Bravo.

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