Below Deck’s Barbie applauded for shutting down Kyle’s inappropriate behavior

Erica Handel
Barbie Pascual Below Deck

Barbie Pascual was embarrassed when Kyle Stillie acted inappropriately on Below Deck Season 11, and fans defended her for calling him out.

Stew Barbie Pascual and deckhand Kyle Stillie explored a boatmance with each other on Below Deck Season 11.

The crew members took awhile to jump into a relationship, and these two clashed due to Barbie’s conservative beliefs and Kyle’s need to be open about his feelings for her.

On the May 13 episode of Below Deck, Kyle decided to wear a kilt during a crew night out as a joke when they went to a bowling alley.

The deckhand kept flashing his kilt and lifting it up so the other crew members could see that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. Barbie was offended and told him to stop multiple times, but he refused.

Barbie and Kyle Below Deck Season 11
Kyle and Barbie dated on Below Deck Season 11.

On Reddit, a user asked if Barbie was right for shutting down Kyle’s inappropriate behavior, and wanted to hear other fans’ opinions about the situation.

“She was right to ask him but not for the reason she had. She really needs to stop thinking about her father,” one fan replied, referring to Barbie worrying about her family’s opinions of her.

Another admitted that Barbie can be ridiculous at times, but she was right. They said that even if she wasn’t dating Kyle, it was wrong to do in front of a group of friends.

A third fan had a theory that the camera people were egging him on to create a storyline for the show, and believe that’s why he was acting more outrageous than usual.

The Below Deck fans in the thread also noted Barbie and Kyle’s cultural differences. They revealed that European men are usually more comfortable showing certain body parts in public, and Barbie isn’t used to it.

Kyle and Barbie aren’t together anymore, and she confirmed that she’s dating someone new during her May 13 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

When Andy asked the stew questions about her new boyfriend, she joked and said, “He’s Jewish, and he wears pants,” a direct dig at Kyle’s kilt incident.

Now that Barbie isn’t dating Kyle anymore, she doesn’t have to worry about her partner flashing their kilt.