Below Deck Down Under’s Aesha Scott gets “anxiety” watching Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Je'Kayla Crawford
Aesha Scott from Below Deck Med

Aesha Scott from Below Deck Down Under just revealed that watching Below Deck Sailing Yacht stresses her out.

Below Deck Down Under is not Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott’s first time on TV. In fact, it’s not even her first time in the Below Deck series.

Originally, she got famous for being a 2nd Stewardess on Below Deck Mediterranean. Nevertheless, she has tons of experience working and being on camera at the same time.

Yet, the reality TV star just admitted that she still gets riled up watching the other franchise shows.

Does Below Deck Down Under’s Aesha Scott get anxiety?

On July 20, Aesha spoke with The Spinoff New Zealand. During the interview, she talked about her TV-watching habits, which included a question about her guilty pleasure series.

She said, “Below Deck, it’s not even a guilty pleasure but a very proud pleasure. I’m watching Sailing Yacht at the moment. It’s so good, but sometimes I get anxiety watching it, especially if I’ve just signed up to do another season. It stresses me out so much because I start thinking about having to do that work too.”

While she loves being a crew member, the reality TV star has another career choice in mind.

Aesha said, “I really want to keep doing Below Deck but I also really want to move into hosting. One of my ultimate dreams is to host The Amazing Race because I just think it would be so cool to get flown into each location and see the world that way.”

Well, anything can happen. Maybe she will be the host for Season 36 of The Amazing Race? Would she have to leave Down Under to do it?

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