Bachelor fans want this Season 28 contestant to be the next Bachelorette

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Jenn Tran The Bachelor

After Jenn Tran was eliminated on The Bachelor Season 28, fans have called for her to become the next Bachelorette.

Jenn Tran was a fan-favorite contestant on The Bachelor Season 28. She also formed a great connection with Joey Graziadei during her time on the show.

She had the second one-on-one date with Joey in Week 2, where they went surfing for the first time. On the date, Jenn shared that she had been in toxic relationships in the past. Also, she thought she would never find love because her parents fought all the time.

The Bachelor contestant was eliminated at the rose ceremony in Week 7, while the women were in Jasper, Canada.

Jenn Tran The Bachelor
Jenn Tran on The Bachelor Season 28.

Bachelor fans are calling for the first Asian-American lead

On Reddit, Bachelor fans admitted that they wanted Jenn to become the next Bachelorette.

“The Final 10 this season have had 4 Asian women and two of them in the F6 with very prominent (romantic) edits in the show. After however many seasons of this show it’s about time we have our first Asian lead!!” the original poster wrote.

The same fan continued, “We need to rally behind Jenn and Rachel (if she doesn’t win) for either one of them to be our next lead! Jenn in particular has shown she can be fun, romantic, and seems to have just a great time, she would honestly be such a great lead and it would be such a FUN season!!”

“I love Jenn and agree we need an Asian bachelorette! I read somewhere here that she said this was kinda a one-and-done thing for her and that she’s focusing on school. But then again who would turn down the opportunity to be the bachelorette,” another person added.

“I love Jenn, she deserved more screen time and I agree she would be a really great bachelorette!” a third fan said.

Jenn has definitely made her mark as a Bachelor contestant, but considering the producers were accused of being racist, it’s unclear if viewers will get the first Asian-American lead.

The contestants who are more well-known are usually chosen as the lead, and fans feel that Maria Georgas has a good chance of earning that title.

If Jenn isn’t cast as the lead on The Bachelorette Season 21, hopefully, fans will see her on Bachelor In Paradise.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET on TLC.

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