The Bachelor Season 28 cast: Meet the bachelorettes

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The Bachelor Season 28 cast has been revealed by ABC, and 32 women are competing for Joey Graziadei’s final rose.

The Bachelor returns for Season 28 in January with new lead Joey Graziadei as he continues his journey to find love.

The 28-year-old was a contestant on The Bachelorette Season 20 with Charity Lawson, but wasn’t chosen in the end.

ABC announced that there will be 32 women on Joey’s season, along with more information about The Bachelor contestants.

Every contestant in The Bachelor Season 28

Here are the bios for the 32 women appearing on The Bachelor Season 28.

Allison, 26

Allison is a realtor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who loves rom-coms and getting dressed up for fancy dinners. She will be on the show with her older sister, Lauren.

Autumn, 26

Autumn is an Account Executive from St. Louis, Missouri. She’s one of two sets of twins in her family, has a lip tattoo, and enjoys watching college football.

Chandler, 24

Chandler is a Graphic Designer from New York, New York, who loves trying new restaurants, spending time with her mom and sister, and taking runs along the West Side Highway.

Chrissa, 26

Chrissa is a Marketing Director from Abbotsford, British Columbia. She likes to read Colleen Hoover books, was born on Christmas Day, and is very athletic, but can’t ride a bike.

Daisy, 25

Daisy lives in Becker, Minnesota and works as an Account Executive. She likes singing in the car at the top of her lungs and eating ice cream, and wants to become a bestselling author someday.

Edwina, 25

Edwina is an Entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia, who wants to learn how to play tennis and flew to Paris for one day just to see the Eiffel Tower.

Erika, 25

Erika is a Leasing Agent from North Bergen, New Jersey. She wants to meet a partner who can travel the world with her and try new restaurants.

Evalin, 29

Evalin from The Bachelor
Evalin Clark from The Bachelor

Evalin is a Nanny from San Antonio, Texas, who has eight siblings and is a big fan of the musical “Hamilton.”

Jenn, 25

Jenn is a Physician Assistant Student from Miami, Florida, who loves reading books, paddleboarding, and traveling.

Jess, 24

Jess is an Executive Assistant from San Diego, California, who loves Taylor Swift and spending time with her dog.

Katelyn, 25

Katelyn is a Radiochemist from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She loves hiking, reading novels, and having a drink at a cocktail bar.

Kayla, 27

Kayla Rodgers from The Bachelor
Kayla Rodgers from The Bachelor

Kayla is a Guidance Counselor from Hamilton, Ohio, who loves Harry Potter and watching “Schitts Creek.”

Kelsey A., 25

Kelsey A. is a Junior Project Manager from New Orleans, Louisiana, who grew up on a military base and is hoping to start her own nonprofit one day.

Kelsey T., 31

Kelsey T. is an actor from Los Angeles, California, who loves game nights, beach volleyball, and spending time with her family.

Kyra, 26

Kyra is a Paralegal from Miami, Florida, who loves both staying in and going out to bars, and doing her classic dance move, the “sway side-to-side.”

Eleni “Lanie,” 27

Eleni, who goes by “Lanie,” is a realtor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She loves a good happy hour and wants to buy a house in Greece.

Lauren, 28

Lauren is a registered nurse from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who loves cleaning and is the life of the party when she’s not working. She will be on the show with her younger sister, Allison.

Maria “Lea,” 23

Maria, also known as “Lea,” is an Account Manager from Waipahu, Hawaii, who enjoys cliff diving and was on the canoe paddling team in high school.

Alexandra “Lexi,” 30

Alexandra Young from The Bachelor
Alexandra Young from The Bachelor

Alexandra, who also goes by “Lexi,” is a Digital Strategist from Atlanta, Georgia. She’s looking for a loyal, kind, and smart partner.

Madina, 31

Madina is a mental health therapist from Charlotte, North Carolina, who loves exercising, dancing and watching shows like “The Great British Bake Off.”

Maria, 29

Maria is an Executive Assistant from Kleinburg, Ontario, who loves horror movies, disposable cameras, and dreams about eating sushi in Japan.

Marlena, 26

Marlena is a Finance Writer from West Palm Beach, Florida, who loves puppies, driving golf carts, and reading books by the candlelight.

Natalie “Nat,” 26

Natalie Crepeau from The Bachelor
Natalie Crepeau from The Bachelor

Natalie, who uses the nickname “Nat,” is a Registered Nurse and Professor from Sudbury, Canada. She wants to be with someone who she can laugh, travel, and build a life with.

Rachel, 26

Rachel is an ICU Nurse from Honolulu, Hawaii, who is looking for an honest, gentle and supportive man.

Samantha “Sam,” 31

Samantha, also known as “Sam,” is a CPA from Nashville, Tennessee, who loves going out to drink margaritas and eat pizza with her friends.

Samantha, 25

Samantha is a Pro Football Cheerleader from Miami, Florida, who is a decorated pageant queen and worked as a princess at Disney World.

Sandra, 26

Sandra is a Cybersecurity Consultant from Nashville, Tennessee, who loves football and going on walks with her friends.

Starr, 25

Starr from The Bachelor

Starr is a Mental Health Counselor from Delray Beach, Florida, who does a great Britney Spears impression and is always arriving late.

Sydney, 28

Sydney is a Vintage Store Owner from Newport, Rhode Island, who knows how to train her cats and taught English in Thailand.

Talyah, 23

Talyah is an Esthetician from Huntington Beach, California, who loves pancakes and watching “Gossip Girl” with her chihuahua.

Taylor, 23

Taylor is a recruiter from Chicago, Illinois, who loves going to hot yoga, reading, and spending time with her family.

Zoe, 24

Zoe from The Bachelor

Zoe is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia, who enjoys running along the river and riding motorcycles.

All 32 contestants will make their debut on The Bachelor Season 28, which airs on Monday, January 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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