Bachelor fans rage at production for referencing the wrong Asian-American contestant

Erica Handel
Jenn Tran The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s social media account tagged the wrong Asian-American contestant in a photo from the show, making fans angry.

Joey Graziadei is searching for his future wife on The Bachelor Season 28, and he met 32 women during the first night at the Bachelor Mansion.

Each of the contestants live in different places in the US and Canada, and all come from diverse backgrounds.

Throughout his journey on The Bachelor, Joey will see how unique each of the women are as they open up to him on the show.

Joey could possibly fall in love with the contestants, but he will also send some of the women home if the relationship doesn’t progress.

The Bachelor's Lea Cayanan
The Bachelor contestant Lea Cayanan was tagged in the wrong post.

Bachelor fans call out Lea & Jenn’s social media mixup

On Reddit, Bachelor fans slammed the official Instagram account for mixing up the two Asian-American Season 28 contestants by tagging a photo of Jenn Tran as Lea Cayanan.

“Not the official Bachelor Instagram tagging the wrong Asian-American contestant. This is clearly Jenn. SMH,” the original user wrote.

“Not surprised. And it has nothing to do with them looking the same because these two women actually don’t nor do they have similar vibes,” another fan added.

A third fan called out The Bachelor franchise for being racist and said, “Literally cannot stop cringing at this. Unfortunately I’m not surprised.”

Although The Bachelor contestants are both Asian-American, Jenn is a Vietnamese woman from New Jersey, and Lea is a resident of Hawaii who is Flilipino, which isn’t the same.

The Bachelor’s social media account has since fixed the error, and are clearly aware of what they did wrong.

Fans feel that the Bachelor franchise has become ignorant and not inclusive of minorities over the years, and this recent social media mixup proves their point.

In the future, the show’s social media team will hopefully pay more attention to which contestants they tag in posts.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.