Rainbow Six Siege leak claims Tachanka will get full rework in Year 5

Jacob Hale

A well-known Rainbow Six Siege leaker has revealed, among other things, that defense operator Tachanka will be getting a full rework in Year 5 to bring him level with his peers.

Tachanka has been a fan-favorite of Siege players since its creation, but not for the reasons other operators would be considered favorites. Tachanka has become somewhat of a meme in the Rainbow Six community, often being referred to as ‘Lord Tachanka’.

Upon the game’s release, it was quickly noted that Tachanka and his mounted shield/machine gun combo is vastly underpowered, and has not received the same buffs that other operators may have gotten over the years if they were in a similar state. Despite becoming a fan-favorite, you won’t often see serious players opting to play as Tachanka.

Tachanka has long been a bit of a joke to the Rainbow Six community.

Now, though, reputable leaker Kormora is claiming that, as well as various other changes coming to the game in the near future, the Lord himself will be getting a full rework.

In a comment made on gaming forum Resetera, Kormora revealed that the rework means Tachanka’s main weapon will be his LMG, while also getting “some sort of incendiary thing,” though no more details were provided on this.

Tachanka’s LMG has largely been considered underpowered at best, so the LMG is likely getting a serious buff in this case, so it’s possible he won’t be changed so much that he is no longer the Tachanka we all know and love.

Tachanka has the potential to be a very powerful operator.

It had been noted in the past that Tachanka will be reworked at some point but had been put down as a low priority on Ubisoft’s list. It seems Ubisoft have finally prioritized him though, if this leak turns out to be true.

Most Siege players will argue that a rework has long been in order, so if this leak turns out to be true, we could have a lot of happy players as well as a completely new meta in the game.

As well as the Tachanka rework, Kormora has suggested that map picks and bans will be coming to the game, which could change Ranked play massively, as well as “Replays,” which are presumed to be saved replays of matches.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 begins on March 10, 2020.

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