Rainbow Six Siege: How to get Renown fast

Renown is one of Rainbow Six Siege’s most important currencies. Here’s how to get it fast.

Rainbow Six Siege is all about its Operators, but unlocking the majority of the roster isn’t as simple as you’d think. That’s because each new addition needs to be purchased, either using cash or the in-game currency, Renown.

Also used for purchasing items from the store, you can never have enough Renown – but there are some ways to speed up the grind to acquire it. Here’s how to get it and build out your list of Operators as quickly as possible.

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Before we begin, a quick note about Year 6 Operators. Since Operation Crimson Heist,  new Operators are tied into a battle pass for two weeks. So, if you want to get your hands on Osa in Operation Crystal Guard, you’ll have to wait to buy her with Renown.

Rainbow Six-Siege OsaUbisoft
Osa’s talents and skills make her a formidable attacking Operator.

How to get Renown fast

Complete Situations, Tutorials, and play Terrorist Hunt

Situations, Siege’s single-player skirmishes with AI-controlled bots, will reward Renown based on a star rating awarded at completion.

These will earn players a couple of hundred per star, so get practicing. Once you’re done with those, Rainbow Six Siege’s tutorials will also offer a small amount of Renown.

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If you’re still not keen on stepping online, Terrorist Hunt will let you squad up with friends and earn Renown.

Daily Challenges and Season Pass Challenges

As with many live-service games, Rainbow Six Siege rewards players jumping in each day. It does so with a series of Daily Challenges, and each one that players complete will reward them with up to 300 Renown.

You’ll need to connect your account to Ubisoft Connect to take advantage of these challenges, however – but we’ll come back to that shortly.

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If you pick up one of the Year 6 seasonal passes, you’ll gain access to bonus challenges too. Not only will these reward Renown, but they’ll also help you earn the rewards on the pass itself.

Complete multiplayer matches

Successful match completions will award a consistent amount of Renown, but if you’re feeling particularly competitive you’ll earn significantly more Renown from playing in the Ranked playlist.

Completing matches in Ranked will let you farm more Renown, but it’ll also be full of tougher matches. If you’re ready to balance the risk and reward, then it’ll be the best place to go to unlock new Operators and store options.

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Image of Rainbow Six Siege Renown BoosterssUbisoft
Rainbow Six Siege’s Renown Boosters can be earned for free

Use a Renown Booster

Renown Boosters are a way to increase your income, and come in 1 Day, 3 Day, 7 Day, 30 Day, and 90 Day options.

Whichever you go for will tick down in real time, not in hours played, so be sure not to use one if you’re unlikely to play for a few days. They’ll also cost you real money the majority of the time, but not always.

That’s because not only does Ubisoft Connect allow for bonus challenges – it’ll also occasionally drop Boosters into your inventory. You can also earn them through Amazon’s Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime).

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