Ubisoft announce Rainbow Six Siege is coming to mobile

Andrew Amos
Ash in Rainbow Six Mobile firing away

Rainbow Six Mobile is on its way ⁠— Ubisoft’s hit tactical FPS title, inspired by the Tom Clancy universe, will be ported to handheld devices in 2022. A selection of Team Rainbow Operators and maps from the original PC and console release will be available on launch.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most intense tactical FPS games on the market. However, Ubisoft is working on simplifying it and bringing it to an all-new audience with Rainbow Six Mobile.

It’ll bring the iconic gameplay to handheld devices in a near one-to-one port ⁠— but with some key differences to enable lower-spec machines to run the notoriously intensive game.

Not only that, but the devs have promised it’ll delineate from Siege on PC as “its own game [with] its own content release schedule.”

Here’s what we know about Rainbow Six Mobile so far, including when it comes out, how to get in on the action early, and what it looks like compared to its long-term counterpart.

Doc behind shield in Rainbow Six Mobile
Rainbow Six Mobile is bringing Siege to more players around the world.


Does Rainbow Six Mobile have a release date?

Ubisoft has made Rainbow Six Mobile available now in some regions in beta form.

The closed beta, open for a select few players, started September 12, as confirmed during the Ubisoft Forward presentation.

Rainbow Six Mobile platforms

Rainbow Six Mobile will be available on, well, mobile platforms only. You’ll be able to download it through both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, available on all compatible mobile devices.

If your phone cannot handle the minimum requirements, you will not be able to download it so bear that in mind.

Thermite opening door in Rainbow Six Mobile
The mobile Siege experience will be more optimized for the lower-spec devices.

Rainbow Six Mobile pre-registration: Get early access

To get early access to Rainbow Six Mobile, players will have to pre-register via their respective mobile app store once it opens. There will also be testing before hand. Once pre-registered, players will be notified when the game is available for download.

Keep an eye on the Rainbow Six Mobile website for more details regarding pre-registration and early access as the release date nears.

Rainbow Six Mobile trailer & gameplay details

Rainbow Six Mobile will feature a handful of Operators, maps, and game modes from Siege. However, the core principle of the five-versus-five tactical FPS gameplay remains.

There will be two sides: Attackers and Defenders. Attackers will look to breach into the building and disarm a bomb, while Defenders are doing everything in their power to stop that. That includes setting up traps, blowing open walls and floors, and reinforcing around the map.

“Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical game ⁠— you get to pick from the different Operators, gadgets, gathering intel with your drone, and create lines of sight by using destruction to outwit your opponents,” Production Manager Sue Peterson told Dexerto.

“From the beginning of production, it was incredibly important to us to make sure we captured those core mechanics for Rainbow Six Mobile and make it feel smooth and intuitive on mobile so the player can focus on teamwork and strategy.”

The gameplay looks akin to other mobile shooters, with a lot of the HUD crammed together and controls in both the bottom left and right corners. For console Siege players, the joystick feel will be somewhat familiar, although the development team is also making sure it’s more customizable.

We will keep you up to date with all the Rainbow Six Mobile news as it drops right here.

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