Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 battle pass details: tiers, rewards, more

Operation Neon Dawn Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft

The Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 battle pass has dropped as part of the Operation Neon Dawn update, and it’s the biggest in Siege history. 100 tiers of rewards are on offer, and if there is any battle pass you invest into, it’s this one.

Every season, Ubisoft releases a new battle pass for Rainbow Six. The one ahead of the Six Invitational is usually the biggest, and the 2021 one certainly lives up to that standard.

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The Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 battle pass is the biggest one yet, with 100 tiers of rewards and plenty of challenges to complete to grind to the top. If you were on the fence about investing in a battle pass previously, this is one you’ll want to get your hands on.

Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 battle pass tiers

If you thought the Six Invitational 2020 battle pass was big, Ubisoft has gone even bigger in 2021. There are 100 tiers in this battle pass, making it the biggest in the game’s history.

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However, how many rewards you earn will be dependent on whether you’re on the Free or Premium track. The Free track will only have access to 32 rewards, including a handful of Alpha Packs and uniforms for Ash, Frost, Wamai, Valkyrie, and Castle.

The Premium Track gives you a reward for every tier ⁠— and sometimes two. The track will set you back 1200 R6 Credits ($10 USD) if you don’t have a Year 5 Pass, or 840 R6 Credits if you do.

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You basically earn back the cost of the pass too if you complete it, so it’s worth it if you are grinding games out. Plus, if you don’t want to commit right now, you can buy it later on and get all the Premium rewards you earned along the way.

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Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 battle passUbisoft
You earn 3x more rewards if you get the premium track.

Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 battle pass rewards

We mentioned uniforms for Ash, Frost, Wamai, Valkyrie, and Castle earlier, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this battle pass.

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There’s dozens more rewards on offer for players who put the time in. Zero, Blackbeard, Thermite, IQ, Kapkan, Ying, Goyo, Aruni, Vigil, Twitch, Mira, Lion, Rook, Dokkaebi, Oryx, and Capitao are all getting new uniforms and headgears ⁠— that’s new skins for 21 operators.

Renown boosters, Weapon skins, Charms, and a dozen Alpha packs are also on offer. There’s definitely a ton of value in this battle pass, considering it’s the same price as previous ones.

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Zero Blacksmith skin in Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft
You can get the Zero Blacksmith Set by buying the premium track.

Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 battle pass challenges

To reach level 100, you’re going to need a hand. Thankfully, Ubisoft are dishing out challenges for players to complete to help reach that. There will be solo and community missions that will give a handy chunk of XP to achieve your battle pass goals.

Here’s a list of all the challenges we know of:

  • Eliminate Opponents (community): 120,000,000. 850 XP.
  • Intelligence Work: Reveal 5 opponents with the unique abilities of Jackal, Caveira, Lion, or Alibi. 850 XP.
  • Pest Control: Destroy 30 Attacker drones as a Defender. 850 XP.
  • Trapper: Get 5 hits with Claymore/Breach Charge/Kapkan, Frost, Nomad, Lesion, or Ela abilities. 850 XP.
Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 battle pass challengesUbisoft
The battle pass challenges change every two weeks.

When does the Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 battle pass expire?

You’ll have a lot of time to complete the Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 battle pass ⁠— nearly three months, to be precise. After kicking off on December 1, players have until February 22, 2021 to get as far as they can.

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It’s best you start off right now, as it’ll take some time to reach the end!

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