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Rainbow Six community frustrated at lack of content in Money Heist event

Published: 22/Nov/2019 5:59

by Brad Norton


Despite coming hot off the heels of the major Operation Shifting Tides reveal, a brand new collaboration with Netflix has not gone down well in the Rainbow Six Siege community due to the smaller scope of the update.

Released on November 20th and available until the 25th, a new limited-time event sees the world of Rainbow Six Siege mixed with popular Spanish heist series La Casa De Papel, known as Money Heist in English.

The first collaboration between the popular Tom Clancy series and world-renowned streaming service Netflix, this event changes the look of the hostage as well as a few Operators to mimick the red jumpsuits and haunting mask of the show. 

In order to celebrate the crossover, eight unique items have been added and will be available through the in-game store over the next 12 months. Each of these cosmetic items remain exclusive to two set Operators, however.

From a red jumpsuit uniform for Hibana and Vigil to weapon skins and charms, fans are seemingly upset at the overall lack of fresh content despite only being a brief, five-day spectacle.

As prominent R6 content creator ‘Get_Flanked’ expressed, “I personally think the word “event” should not have been used for the Money Heist game mode. People hear that word and think it is going to be on the same level as Doktors Curse.”

The Hostage game mode has been available in Rainbow Six Siege since it’s initial launch in December of 2015. Players are tasked with capturing or defending a hostage for a set amount of time with teams interchanging roles between rounds.

Nothing to do with the core-gameplay loop has been adjusted for the limited time mode, merely, the hostage is seen wearing a design from the show which has fans somewhat agitated. The label of ‘event’ has inadvertently communicated to fans that a whole host of content might be up for grabs. In reality however, the limited-time collaboration introduces very little to Rainbow Six Siege.

“Calling it a ‘mini-event’ instead would’ve been better. The word ‘event’ just gives us a certain expectation,” Reddit user ‘pipstrum’ said, and suggested new collaborations should keep expectations in check, rather than being labeled the same as a full-blown event such as the Rainbow Is Magic April Fools’ celebration. 

With games like Rocket League boasting similar Netflix collaborations, incorporating hit shows such as Stranger Things through unique map designs and a plethora of in-game content, there’s certainly more room for Ubisoft to expand in future events.

Despite being a completely free update that came out of nowhere, it seems as though fans of the strategic shooter were after a little more substance this time around. Perhaps more a substantive content drop similar to Operation Shifting Tides is right around the corner again. Here’s a first look at some juicy information regarding the Year Five Season One Operators.

Rainbow Six

Cyclops Athlete Gaming avoid ban after throwing Rainbow Six match

Published: 21/Nov/2020 4:03

by Andrew Amos


One of APAC’s most prestigious Rainbow Six teams, Cyclops Athlete Gaming, has avoided disqualifications and suspensions after the team was found guilty of throwing a Pro League match to get better seeding.

Cyclops Athlete Gaming were put under the microscope after the team admitted to throwing a Rainbow Six match in the APAC North League to secure better seeding for the November Major.

In their October 22 game against QConfirm, the CAG players intentionally picked off-meta compositions and played below their level. If they lost, they could secure second seed heading into the Major, as Cloud9 would no longer be able to finish above them due to the nature of the Swiss format.

Rainbow 6 APAC CYCLOPS athlete gaming
Rainbow 6 APAC
Cyclops Athlete Gaming have avoided any major punishment after they were found guilty of throwing a Rainbow Six match.

Now, a month later, Ubisoft has finally handed down their judgment on the throw, claiming the team’s “unusual conduct” broke the global ruleset, regardless of whether losing was to their benefit or not.

“Unusual conduct was noticed from players on the Cyclops Athlete Gaming team during their match against QConfirm. Various actions made by their players brought into question the seriousness with which they were playing this league game,” Ubisoft stated.

“The investigation conducted with the help of our partner in the region showed that Cyclops Athlete Gaming acted in a non-competitive manner that strictly goes against the Global Rulebook.”

However, Ubisoft were lenient in their punishments for the throw. They noted that Cyclops acted in their own best interests, and their actions revealed a flaw in the system.

The players themselves managed to escape suspensions, and the organization as a whole will be able to compete in the upcoming Asia-Pacific Major. However, coach Hibiki ‘XQQ’ Motoyama was banned by Ubisoft for six months for admitting to throwing matches on Twitter.

XQQ left his post at Cyclops Athlete Gaming days after the drama, and is now the coach of Absolute Jupiter’s Valorant team. It’s unclear if Riot are going to transfer XQQ’s coaching ban in Rainbow Six to Valorant.

The organization was fined $5,000 USD.

Cyclops Athlete Gaming will also retain their second seed for the November APAC Major. They will play the winner of GUTS Gaming and Cloud9 on November 25.